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Wheatberry: A Cozy Events Venue In QC

Planning a small event soon in a cool and cozy place? Comfort is key especially in this hot summer weather and the best place to be is where there’s cool fresh air. In the secluded corner of Scout Tuason, just near the busy Tomas Morato is Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe where local residents hang out in a lazy afternoon and where employees from nearby offices meet their clients. Upstairs, the function room is often full to accomodate birthdays and small events. What served in the cafe? Let us check out their bestsellers!

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Party Hard All Week at GEB Super Club

Food and travel has been my mainstay here at República Negrense but, let me talk about something I sometimes do when I’m in the mood – clubbing. Living quite near the party district of Tomas Morato, there are fairly dizzying lot of choices to choose from, some comedy bars, some clubs, some pubs, and some bars after a fulfilling dinner in a nearby restaurant. When choosing a club to hang out, choose the one that’s new, wholesome with generous services! What do I have in mind? The spanking new GEB Super Club!

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Figaro: New Breakfast Treats from a Trusted Filipino Cafe All-Day

Inset: Figaro is largest and most trusted homegrown cafe brand in the country.

Figaro Coffee Company is largest and most trusted homegrown coffee brand since 1994 with 75 outlets nationwide and growing. The name Figaro was inspired by the song at the Opera piece, Barber of Seville. After inquiries about breakfast treats, they are finally introducing an All-Day Breakfast Sampler for the loyal patrons starting this month. I was invited by the coffee company for a food tasting at their branch in F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald) Avenue in Ortigas Center. My belle Ivy Say  and I with When In Manila friends Cheryl Golangco and Eli Murray, were there to check the all-day breakfast treats.

Inset: Filipino Breakfast Sampler with Bangus Belly, Tapa, Longganisa and Salted Egg.

Filipino Breakfast Sampler looks back at Filipino taste in its All-Day Breakfast Samplers. Taste and ingredients are very much suited to Filipino palate with a generous slice of Marinated Bangus Belly, Beef Tapa, Skinless Longganisa, Salted Egg Ensalada with Garlic Rice. Very Filipino, isn’t it? For a price of P175, you can have all those, premium to budget.

Inset: Country Breakfast Sampler with pancakes, eggs, smoked ham and honey bacon.

Country Breakfast Sampler has an American Breakfast Touch with three-piece Pancakes, Sliced Smoked Ham and a generous piece of Honey Bacon with Scrambled Eggs. Bacon is not too chewy compared to other breakfast meals and its saltiness compliments the sweetness of fruit. Jam spreads on top of the soft pancakes makes for a light but filling meal.

Inset: French Toast Combo with Hungarian Sausage, Hawaiian Ham and Scrambled Egg.

French Toast Combo is a classic breakfast meal with two pieces of French Toast, Hungarian Sausage and Hawaiian Sliced Ham and Scrambled Eggs for a heavy but satisfying treat. Zesty orange complements well the French Toast which was done well, slightly crunchy in the outside and moist in the inside, the way I love it and I could surely eat more of those.

Inset: Arroz a la Cubana or ground beef in tomato sauce with eggs, plantains and rice.

Arroz a la Cubana is ground beef cooked in tomato sauce with fried banana plantains or the local saba, fried egg and fresh steamed rice. This so far is the belle’s favorite and I would too since it has been my favorite breakfast treat since then because it is light and not to mention, light on the budget since you could have this at P165, P10 cheaper than the rest at P175.

Inset: Lemonade for All-Day Breakfast Sampler with newly introduced Ham Ensaymada.

All-Day Breakfast Samplers are available with brewed coffee, herbal tea and lemonade. Herbal tea selections are Pito-Pito, Banaba, Lagundi and Sambong, great local tisanes to soothe sensesBreakfast here have generous servings and served fresh. If you are too busy to stop by, you can have Figaro Coffee Company‘s introductory Ensaymada filled with ham.

Inset: Globe Tattoo Sip, Dine and Surf promo at Figaro Coffee Company.

Figaro Coffee Company will give away a free Globe Tattoo stick after you complete 10 stamps for their Sip, Dine and Surf Promo which you can get well for P3,000 single-receipt purchase. BDO Credit Card holders can avail of Buy 1 Take 1 for brewed coffee, milk tea and bakes. Union Bank Credit Card holders as well has Irresistible Treats Promo for 10% off selected items. Visit your closest Figaro Branch near your or better yet, choose Figaro as your company meeting venue in the Emerald Avenue and Tomas Morato Branches by calling 631-3061 (Emerald Ave) or 410-4256 (Tomas Morato).