Healthy Starts With Delicious at Sugarleaf

Growing up in Negros Island, currently the undisputed Organic Bowl of Asia, and having good friends involved in the organic and sustainable food movement, I have a preference to organic food. A chef once exclaimed that running organic food restaurants are one of the most challenging business venture, but seeing a number survive and flourish touches my heart. After all, there is hope to spreading the movement and Sugarleaf is one. Contrary to usual notions, Sugarleaf is not ‘vegetarian resto’ but a health food cafe!

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Wheatberry: A Cozy Events Venue In QC

Planning a small event soon in a cool and cozy place? Comfort is key especially in this hot summer weather and the best place to be is where there’s cool fresh air. In the secluded corner of Scout Tuason, just near the busy Tomas Morato is Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe where local residents hang out in a lazy afternoon and where employees from nearby offices meet their clients. Upstairs, the function room is often full to accomodate birthdays and small events. What served in the cafe? Let us check out their bestsellers!

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Relik Tapas Bar: Dine Best, Party Good

For the part folks, you may have came across Relik as a good night-out destination. Indeed, with some pica-pica at hand, drinks in the other, it makes for good nights with themed parties all week! It has proven itself as well as a good events place with a number of product launches held there recently. More than being a party destination and an events venue, Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge is about good food and we decided to try the place out. What met us is not just a good lunch but a feast! Join us as we savor their food!

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