Sound Facts

The mission and vision of a person defines who he/she really is. Rather than writing long and funny things about myself, I opted to lay on the table my personal mission and vision. Being a simple person, I am very tired of self-flattery and resolve to walk my talk to be an impact in my community. What are credentials when you do not use them to advance the kingdom of God and the interest of his saints, the people of God. As a GCFer, I am one spirit with my fellow churchmen as we…

Know Christ and Make Him Known!

I can best be described as Christian, Reformed and Evangelical but nothing can supersede all descriptions than being a Christian, a follower of Christ, co-heir in Christ and one of his ambassadors. Being a follower of Christ, the Bible is my sole authority in living and serving the ministries of God, personally and collectively. I live in view of His sovereignty by which Grace is exhibited through my life and testimony.


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