Five Points of Calvinism

Being a Reformed brother, I subscribe to the Five Points of Calvinism or the…

T | U | L | I | P

Contrary to the popular notion, the Five Points were never written by John Calvin himself but by his contemporaries influenced by his teaching who defended Christianity against the excesses of Arminianism. The Five Points, abbreviated as the national flower of Netherlands to signify its country of formation, are detailed as follows…

Total Depravity |

Man’s inability to exercise effective redemption through his own works. The spirit of man is dead and immaculately apart from God.

Unconditional Election |

The sacrifice of Christ cleanses and redeems us from all sins. He foreknew those who will be in his elected people and planned a place for them in His kingdom.

Limited Atonement |

Though Christ died for everyone and His offer of salvation encompasses race, nationality and tribe, not all will come to the saving grace of Christ. Only his elect will enjoy the atonement of sins.

Irresistible Grace |

Once the elect is called into the saving grace of God, he will somehow feel a tugging in his heart to accept Jesus Christ. The testimony of many believers attest to this fact.

Perseverance of the Saints |

The power of the Holy Spirit enacts change in the life of the elect and perseveres in his walk closer to God. Though they may fall and grieve the Holy Spirit for some time, the Spirit’s power in one’s life restores one to fellowship.

As an evangelical, I acknowledge that the life of Christian is being called to the service of God. Layman and clergy (pastor) alike, we all have a responsibility in spreading the gospel of Christ and be the light to the people who have yet to know Him.


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