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Merci Contributes to Negros Tourism with Tourist Bus Launch

Inset: The new Merci Bus, a tourist bus, parked outside the new City Hall.

Merci Pasalubong, the largest pasalubong retail chain in Negros Island and one of the largest in the Philippines, gives back to the Island’s tourism industry as they will launch their latest contribution – Merci (tourist) Bus. Tour groups wishing to travel around Negros can now enjoy the comforts offered by this spacious 31-seater bus with reclining seats and an inbuilt entertainment system for long travels. The bus medicine kits, fire extinguishers and a variety of communications systems in case of possible emergencies.

Inset: The interior shot with the reclining seats of the 31-seater Merci Bus.

As Merci Pasalubong is known for its yummy pasalubong delicacies, they will also be offering for sale Merci food items onboard for a smooth trip without having to go on a stopover to buy food. For a special package, the food items will be served onboard the bus while those interested can get a bonus package of touring the Merci Commissary Compound to see first hand how the quality Merci products are made. Tour participants will be given complimentary bottled water and fans, fit for summer tours in the Negros Island.

Inset: The Merci Bus now ready to service guests visiting Negros Island.

The Merci Bus will be ready to service our valuable guests and tourists around the wonderful attractions of Negros Island as it will be launched at the steps of the Provincial Capitol of Occidental Negros on October 3, 2012, Wednesday, 3pm in Bacolod City graced by Governor Alfredo Marañon, Jr. For more information on the Merci Shuttle Bus, please call Landline (034) 702-3189 or mobile numbers Globe 0917-3048267, Smart 0928-5041751 or Sun 0922-2813181 or email Ria Akamatsu at


Spread Love, Get Negros Island’s Picbadge Today

This morning, the Negrense Community in Facebook woke up to some people adorned with a gold, pink and white Picbadge of Negros Island including yours truly. I have been flooded with messages from fellow Negrenses in the Diaspora and even back home with what it means. The badge just simply means and signifies love for Negros Island, may you be from Occidental or Oriental. The Picbadge is an ongoing effort to give Negros the much needed push as summer season has come. How do you add the Picbadge to your Facebook Profile Picture? Here are some easy steps:

For your convenience, I posted the link to the Picbadge in the Facebook Like Page of República Negrénse. Just click on the link and it will take you to the site. I have posted some more updates since I posted that one but it will just be a few scrolls down and you will find the posts. More sure to “likeRepúblic Negrénse first and the post as well.

The landing page for the Picbadge site would be this one. Help promote the Picbadge campaign by clicking “like” for Facebook, “+1” for Google+ and “tweet” for Twitter. It would be best as well to add a little message on why you love Negros. Click on “Add to profile picture” if you wish to add the Picbadge to your Facebook Profile Picture.

A pop-up screen will appear for you to make necessary adjustments to your Picbadge and Profile Picture. You will also have a choice to choose the Profile Picture that you think suits best with the Picbadge. If you want to align the picture properly, just drag your image and you may adjust the size with “Scale photo“. If you are ready, “Publish to Facebook“.

After clicking “Publish to Facebook“, the pop-up window will lead you to this landing page. Just click on “Continue to Facebook” and follow the instructions that is seen on the screen.

The “Continue to Facebook” button will lead you to Facebook. Just click “Finished cropping” and you are done. Do not forget as well to share this to fellow Negrenses from both Occidental and Oriental to show our love and support for our beloved island. Since it is summer, why not interest your friends as well to visit Negros? Just visit the Province of Negros Occidental’s Tourism Website for nice places to visit or read on this blog too.

What I Love About Dumaguete City

Negros Island is one beautiful island blessed with natural wonders and attractions. While many of those featured in this blog are in the Occidental side of the Island, there are lots of wonderful attractions you can explore in Negros Oriental. Located in the eastern seaboard of Negros Island, the province’s beautiful Capital City is Dumaguete. I first came to Dumaguete when I was still a young kid, about nine or ten years old when Mom was still alive. My family kept on going back here and we always go on a holiday getaway because we have learned to love the “City of Gentle People”.

Having frequented Dumaguete City, I already consider it as my third home with my beloved Bacolod City as my present home and Iligan City as my second. Dumaguete is a very small city and in the words of some tourists, a cosmopolitan city in the disguise of a small town. Everything you need at close proximity, either a walk or a tricycle ride away. Most of the people who live there own a motorcycle or two since it is the primary mode of transportation with the city having small narrow streets. The laid back feel, the people’s kindness and intimate environment are what makes it lovely.

Unfortunately, I was not able to have a cityscape picture of Dumaguete since we were interested about historical places, tourist spots, foods, and lagoons. One notable place famous in Dumaguete City is Rizal Boulevard, or simply called The Boulevard, where you can see a lovely view overlooking the calm sea which complements a ever beautiful sunset. Hotels and resorts are lined up along this area and a notable number of lovely restaurants too.

Before digging in to countless choices of restaurants along the Boulevard, what you really have to try eating here is their tasty but rather infamous balot. The coolness of the area made it a nice place to enjoy the treat. I even saw two random Koreans trying what may have been their first taste of balot. They looked rather disgustingly happy while eating. There is a growing number of expat community in this part of the Philippines because everywhere you go you will never fail to meet a foreigner, notably white Americans.  Anyway, here are some photos I’d like to share with you:

The city is really lovely, isn’t it? Kudos to Dumaguete City! Expect features to come for Dumaguete City or Negros Oriental for I hope to go back here soon and this time with my boyfriend Cyrelle for a wonderful time of travel and leisure. I’m sure he will love this amazing place as much as I did. Why not drop by and visit this one of a kind city too? Dumaguete City by plane is just an hour from Manila or 30 minutes from Cebú, by bus is just 5 hours from Bacólod City while by ferry, just 4 hours from Cebú. Catch more of me, Jade Seriña – Bioneda, in my pink-blushed journal blog – Jaded.