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Party Hard All Week at GEB Super Club

Food and travel has been my mainstay here at República Negrense but, let me talk about something I sometimes do when I’m in the mood – clubbing. Living quite near the party district of Tomas Morato, there are fairly dizzying lot of choices to choose from, some comedy bars, some clubs, some pubs, and some bars after a fulfilling dinner in a nearby restaurant. When choosing a club to hang out, choose the one that’s new, wholesome with generous services! What do I have in mind? The spanking new GEB Super Club!

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It’s Now Official: Georgina Gil-Lacuna Holds World Record

With 1,030 Puzzles collected as of November 29, 2012: Mrs. Georgina ‘Gina’ Gil-Lacuna now holds the World Record for the “Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles” after breaking the previous World Record of 238 Puzzles set by Luiza Figuereido of Brazil on May 21, 2010.


Seyda Subasi Gemici (right), Guinness World Records Adjudicator and Representative of Turkey, hands over the official Guinness Certificate recognizing the new world record of 1,030 Puzzles set by Georgina Gil-Lacuna (left).

Georgina Gil-Lacuna received recognition from the Guinness World Records last November 29, 2012 at The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay.



This landmark lies within the vicinity of The Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast.

It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at The Puzzle Mansion. The program was set to start as soon as the media are all confirmed to have arrived.


Tents were set-up beside the pool to serve as the dining area for the media.

The media were allowed to have snacks before the program started at 3:30PM.


Gina Lacuna cheerfully answers the questions of the media.

Gina Lacuna entertained some questions before the guests were allowed to view the jigsaw puzzle collection.


Puzzles were mounted on stands, walls, and posts

The guests were amazed by how much the puzzles filled the room. Going around the room was the real puzzle for me. The room somehow resembled a maze.


U.P. Singing Ambassadors serenaded the event.

Christmas was early in The Puzzle Mansion as the U.P. Singing ambassadors sang some Christmas Jingles to entertain the guests.


Seyda Subasi Gemici reads the content of the Guinness Certificate.

Seyda Subasi Gemici awarded the Guinness Certificate attesting the New World Record set by Georgina Gil-Lacuna in the category of “The Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles”.


Tagaytay Mayor Abraham Tolentino (center) raised his glass for a toast.

A toast was initiated by Tagaytay Mayor Abraham Tolentino with Gina Lacuna along with her family and friends.


Gina Lacuna listens to the questions asked by the media.

Gina Lacuna entertained more questions from the media.


Media outfits present at the event

Several media were present to cover the event. They were all given a chance to ask questions to know more about the puzzles. Some were rather interested in her life before she started collecting puzzles.


Finger food and cocktails were available all through out the event.



Note: As of posting time, the official website of Guinness World Records has not yet updated the record for the “Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles“.

Two More Days to Go: Manila Social Media Day on June 30

Inset: General call for Manila Social Media Day bloggers’ meet-up for northern Metro Manila.

Few weeks ago, I received an invitation from fellow blogger King del Rosario whom I met in the Presidential Campaign for Gilbert Teodoro last 2010. He mentioned Manila Social Media Day and I was thrilled! The event was inspired by a start-up invite by Mashable that wishes to recognize to the role of social media in connecting the world. I was thrilled since the weeks after, this event created a buzz even in the traditional media like the big three television stations, radio and print.

Inset: Social Media Day announcement for New York City.

Inset: Social Media Day announcement for San Francisco, California.

Yes, Social Media Day is a worldwide event that cuts across generational, racial and religious divide, networking and discovering unity in diversity. Manila Social Media Day provides an offline example of social media where bloggers and other members of the social media community can converge to build networks or most importantly, camaraderie. We have seen the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in toppling oppressive regimes and sparking change.

Inset: Announcement for participants to Manila Social Media Day.

Inset: Manila Social Media Day call-up with some Major Sponsors.

Since I live in Quezon City, I was thrilled that they are going to have Manila Social Media Day right in my niche of the City of the Stars. Tea 101: Taiwan’s No. 1 Drink is going to be the venue of the big night, just in Scout Bayoran cor. Tomas Morato Extension, Quezon City. Direk Joey Reyes, an acclaimed director, producer and blogger will grace the night with his insights about the role of social media. The Philippines has been said to be the social media capital of the world.

Inset: Social Media Day meet-up by Tweetup Manila in Ayala Center, Makati City.

For those who live far South, no worries since a group called Tweetup Manila organized Social Media Day in Tower One, Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Makati City. Davao Bloggers also organized Davao Social Media Day 2012 in the city as well but my hope is that my very own Negros Bloggers will have one soon in Bacolod City though smaller. Get the hype and use the hashtags #SMDay and #ManilaSMDay. Mark June 30 in your calendars and let’s meet at Manila Social Media Day!