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One Bethany Place

One Bethany Place is located near the national highway where most transit buses from Bacolod to Dumaguete travels through. It’s location offers a good variety of establishments which includes a small tourist attraction of the province’s Sidlakang Negros, the Provincial Hospital strip and the tall Hall of Justice building.

The serene place prides itself as a christian establishment  by promoting a non-smoking and liquor site with an accommodation that strictly prohibits among other things. The place is not too crowded and can be a good place to relax.

On another note, the people seems to be complacent when it comes to offering good customer service. Here’s what I think they should improve on based on my first stay in the place:

1. The confirmation and updated pricing of rooms differ from the website, the fliers available onsite and upon discussion with the receptionist over the phone.


2. The people seems to have a lot of load to take in that a smile when you walk-in but I admire the accommodating restaurant people on board during breakfast but should minimize their personal chit-chats that seems to annoy most of the customers.


3. The room costing to almost P 900.00 seems to be above a traveler’s budget cost versus other accommodations in the downtown area although they offer a couple of amenities like shampoos and soap for two.

4. The people should be quick to recommend stuff and offer help when they notice new people coming in. The receptionist put hold the next person in line while the other person was not doing anything.

5. The wi-fi connection is poor even when your room is near the reception area. It often is unseen or has only a bar for signal strength.

Here’s my take on these stuff:

The management should ensure that their people are customer friendly, willing to lend a hand and quick to serve when needed. They need to update their costing in social media sites and should offer a free and wide-range internet connection, with faster speed.

Lastly, I admire the venture’s idea of a good place or community but needs to offer more than what is placed on their site per se. It is quite different from what has been posted and it fails even the expectations of some people. Also, I would like to suggest to turn on their restaurants inner lights early in the morning since it’s dark and people are already coming in for their breakfast.

So, what’s your take on the place?


Dexter’s Pizza in Dumaguete City

My Saturday was tiring filled with travel and meetings. I was back in Dumaguete City for an important meeting with AGLOW Philippines and meet a good friend afterwards whom I’ve not seen for quite awhile.

Roaming around downtown area gave me a good idea to try a local spa for their promo of an hour massage at P 185.00 only. After the relaxing massage came the idea of eating somewhere near the place where I was staying.

Who could have thought that you’ll find a pizza house somewhere in Burgos Street which is filled with local and international acclaimed restaurants.

I noticed that there was no one inside the pizza house which made me to decide to choose it for faster accommodation. There was no one at the counter at first but when the personnel saw me standing at the counter, she immediately came out and offered me their “specialties”.

Having a short conversation with her led me to know a few things about the store.

For one, they have more than 5 stores across Negros Oriental with 2 within the city area. There are 2 stores in Dumaguete City, one located near the city hall and the other one near the former mayor’s house.

Second, they opened a year ago and the stores in Dumaguete and the rest of Negros Oriental are branched-out from their main store in Manila. Their prices are quite the same from all their branches in Dumaguete and the neighboring cities.

Third, they specialize in home made pizza on a thick crust.

After sharing these details, we went through their menu and noticed that they have a lot of flavors to offer for a hungry man. To note, they have 4 major courses with all time fave,healthy cravings,gourmet and premium. 

They have a total of more than 20 pizza flavors ranging from 6 in. (kiddie),10in. (medium), 12in. (large),15in. (party) for their supreme sizes which only ranges from P 65.00 to P 285.00 per order.

After getting dizzy choosing which one to pick, I settled with their latest craze“Shawarma Pizza” on medium size which by the way cost around P 185.00.

The Shawarma delight is “oozing” with cheese and tastes like your typical “shawarma” recipe minus the meat. There were only a few shredded meat on the thick crust pizza and a few onions and veggies that could have ignited the cheese and sauce to it’s full flavor.

The pizza can really satisfy an empty stomach,especially it’s hot sauce (verde “something…”! I was able to finish 6 slices alone and can rate it at 7 out 8 for flavor and value. Although I was really hungry at that time but I think I really ate it out of the tasty sauce instead of being “hungry”.


The top pick for the month can make you settle for the medium size pizza since it’s 12 inches can satisfy one man’s fill with but if you’re ordering for a group (or a couple with a big appetite!), I would greatly advice to get their party size delight.

Picky or not, the price is above average from your typical pizza house in Dumaguete City. Not to be biased about it, the one in Piapi tastes better on a thin or thick crust pizza at a cheaper price.

But if you’re in downtown area and at the hem of local diners and restaurants in the vicinity, Dexter’s Pizza is one good choice for a laidback weekend without rice.

The Bean Connection of Dumaguete City

I still had the time to stroll around downtown area while waiting for my trip back to Bacolod City last Monday. There were a lot of changes in the area after two years. One noticeable change would be the closure of Sta. Teresa restaurant and Mart One a couple of months ago.

The Downtown Area At Day

The Downtown Area at Day

I was trying to find a place to eat breakfast aside from the typical fast food chains and noticed The Bean Connection, which is located beside Chow King and the formerly area of Cang’s Inc. The coffee shop is actually owned by Scoobys, a known chain of restaurants in the city which happens to be a sister- restaurant of the ever famous Sans Rival. The location is still part of the Scoobys area which was converted into a coffee shop.

The Bean Connection

The Outside Area

The coffee shop recently opened last June 2012 offering a variety of delicacies which includes cupcakes and an unlimited offer of brewed coffee for as low as P 60.00.

Feast With Their Pastries

There were just a few handful of people inside when I came in since it was just 9:00 in the morning. While going through the menu, the crew offered their breakfast “Aros Spicy Tuna” which only costs P 50.00.

Try One Now!

Aside from the breakfast and coffee, the cafe also offers free wifi and a variety of meals from Scoobys which is just located  within the area as well. The place is big and staying there will be as comfortable as staying at home due to it’s ambiance and location. Here are additional shots from my cellphone when I was there:

The coffee shop is also filled with artistic touch that can be seen on the wall through the paintings of local artists and fellow coffee enthusiasts who’ve tried their luck with art expressing how they feel connected with the “bean” of the shop. Here are some of their personal expressions below:

Overall Experience

The coffee shop has the good location at the center of the busiest streets of Dumaguete City. The coffee is good, the food is great and the ambiance is better than the local shops I’ve been to before.

To be honest, I’ll be back for more brewed coffee and try their cupcakes this time. How about you, what’s your take on “The Bean Connection” lately?