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Celebrating Sweetness at Tiffany’s Confections

Let’s Celebrate Sweetness at Tiffany’s Confections this Valentines!

Sugar Wanders

Bacolod City, Philippines ~~ It is unusual to find rare Culinary Treasures nowadays especially in a City where everyone seems to love and breathe “Good Food,” But Bacolod City is an Exception when it comes to Sweet Finds!

The Façade of Tiffany’s Confections with its Victorian-Inspired Mini Garden perfect for your small group of friends for an afternoon dose of sweets and coffee.

In a City where Artisan Pâtisseries and Cafés and Exceptional Restaurants abound, some already made Waves and Thunders of Famosity and Accolades not only locally [and in the Philippines in general] but also in the Palates of some of the World’s Most Respected [Anthony Bourdain, anyone?] culinary experts,  who would’ve thought that Bacolod still got a Treasure worthy of a Discovery?

My Personal Favorite Crafted Brewed Coffee by Tiffany’s Confections

In a Pretty [as pretty as She] Victorian-Inspired Garden Café…

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