At present, we all know that the República Cantonal de Negros or República Negrénse does not exist anymore so what is this for us Negrénses for the Filipino people at large? Before the EDSA People Power, the Negros Revolution peacefully ousted the Spanish colonizers from the island without the use of force. It is the symbol of Negrénse ingenuity, courage and craftiness when faced with troubling challenges.

This República’s memory lives on in the minds and hearts of the current Negrénse but sadly, the awareness of this once glorious history of Negros is beginning to ebb away. As a Negrénse living beyond the Island’s seas, I am doing my part on giving awareness of Negros’ rich culture and biodiversity among my fellow sojourning Negrénse, sons of Negrénse immigrants and others who are interested with the Negrénse treasure throve. Indeed, even though República Negrénse ceased to be an independent nation, the “Negrénse Nation” strives to be alive in the hearts and minds of every Negrénse.


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