Our Stand

There are some concerns and matters about Negros Island that has popped up from time to time. These issues are not of national concern with regards to the Philippines but they are the “Negrénse Nation”‘s concern especially as it affects the situation in the island itself. We support a…

  1. Negros Island Region – In our current political system, this was once had voice and bearing. Indeed, the Negros Island is the only island in the country that belongs to two different administrative regions and both regions benefit Negros’ rich resources than just the Negrénses themselves. Having a one island region can benefit the Negrénses from both sides and keep it within the island for its development. But as the clamor for a federal system is gaining ground, there is a better option to this which is…
  2. Negros Island Federal State – This federal will also include Siquijor which was an integral part of the Negros Island especially when the late Don Alfredo Montelibano, Sr. headed the islands in the Japanese occupation as the legitimate Governor of Negros and Siquijor Islands. Not only will this benefit the Negrénse politically but also economically. Negrénses will have a say on the use of resources without the burdensome strings from Manila.
  3. Organic One Negros Island – Showcasing the island as the country’s premiere organic products region gives the province more steer power on tourism especially on food tourism. Organic products are export quality and therefore would benefit the Negrénse at large since they would earn more from export tourism market in organic products.
  4. Division of Bacolod City to two Legislative Districts – The population of Bacolod City, the largest and most economically developed of all the cities in Negros Island, has exceeded a permanent population of 500,000 and is approaching past 700,000 adding to that thousands more who rush to the city in daytime which accumulates to close to a million. Dividing Bacolod City to two districts will give us two congressmen with more congressional projects and more councilors which will bring a bigger budget for development. In no time, this will be a catalyst for faster economic development not only in Bacolod City but the surrounding areas.

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