Relish at Ponte: Unbelievably Delicious!

Big things do come in small, obscure packages and that holds true for the best place to eat. Makati is a haven for foodies with some of the foodie gems hidden in quiet corners. Just fronting the night-out destination of Il Ponticello in the residential Valero Street, in Ponte, you can find a relatively hidden restaurant that has a proud history of restauranteur par excellence – Relish at Ponte. As in all things food, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” so let the food speak for itself. Get ready for one heck of a food trip here!


Amazing Artichoke Dip with Tostitos (P350)

Like Relish at Ponte, the Amazing Artichoke Dip with Tostitos is constantly being underestimated at first sight, including by yours truly, but constitute one good appetizer. Homemade tostitos dipped in cheese, fortified with artichoke bits can be so addicting.

Gourmet Tomato Cheese Spread (P225)

This dish proved to be a favorite appetizer to most of the loyal diners in the restaurant. Light but flavorful, the pesto spread does a good job with cream cheese and tomato spread in churning on your appetite. It compliments well with other food to be served, simply Relish!

Afternoon Tea for Two (P350)

A three-tiered set of appetizer samplers, small sandwiches, dessert sampler, and Twinnings tea, your afternoon tea with your special someone, if not your client or good friends that matter. Veritable note: the lemon square cake is a good palate cleanser for the next meal course.

Main Course

Slow Roasted Grilled Beef Belly with Au Jus Gravy (P440)

Served in two slabs of sizable thickness with tasty au jus gravy, the beef is incredibly tender and melts in the mouth. Usually one of the toughest meat to tenderize, slabs of beef were cooked for more than an hour to have the desired softness even grandma can chew.

Relish Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Oregano (P395)

Even with just the smell, Relish Roasted Chicken was already proves delish, more so with the taste. Unbelievably so soft, the whole chicken was cooked for six hours, which made the garlic, lemon, and oregano flavors deeply infused with the meat, the best dish in Relish!

Baked Salmon (P490)

Those who want to stay away from meat can have baked salmon instead! Sprinkled with lemon juice and a handful of cheesy top, this makes a good salmon dish, one of the best. The slight sweetness of salmon compliments the sour cream siding that accompanies it.

Relish Cheese Steak (P275)

Just a handful of restaurants and eating joints in Metro Manila make an authentic Philly cheesesteak and make it superbly good. Relish can now take stand in this exclusive club. Using high-quality, slightly livery ribeye cuts and real pan-melted cheese, not just cheese sauce, gave it a thumbs up.

Chorizo with Tomato Cream Sauce Pasta (P380)

You just have to appreciate tomato-based pasta dishes made from real, pureed tomato sauce. I have tasted a number of chorizo pasta dishes and this is a good one. Using real, pureed tomatoes eliminated unnecessary sourness associated with processed tomato sauces.

Relish Special Sisig (P250)

Originally a pulutan for regular drinkers, the humble sisig has been lifted out of its humble, not-so-sober origins to a bestseller dish in Relish, tasty and no extenders. Expecting the big boys to order sisig the most? Guess what, women usually order most the plates!


Banoffee (P175)

The best dessert after a full meal? A banoffee cake! Real banana slices sandwiched between a solid cream top and a meringue base, the dessert is light and not too sweet. The chocolate sauce accents the taste and does not overpower the banoffee, a must try dessert at Relish.


Brewed Iced Tea (P90)/ Homemade Lemonade (P110)

Complimentary iced teas and lemonades usually escape our attention when visiting restaurants since it is just the usual fare of dissolved over-sweetened powders but those by Relish got us most. The iced tea is made from real brewed tea, and the lemonade is made from scratch.

Hawaiian Sunrise (P120)

The Hawaiian Sunrise lives up to its name for the colors do remind you of sunrise! Relish serves two versions: non-alcohol and that with tequila in an orange juice base. Since the heat of the summer sun is catching up with us soon, I recommend this especially on a hot day.

Our experience in Relish at Ponte caught us by a good surprise, unassuming as its exterior signage can be, the food speaks a deep devotion to good food. Ms. Monique Almario, the co-owner of the restaurant, shared to us her family’s experience when it comes to serving good food, their departure from Manila during the Martial Law period, their renewed interest in a restaurant business when they returned, and their planned Tomas Morato expansion. For a cozy and yummy food experience, a visit to Relish is a must!


Relish at Ponte
G/F 120 Ponte, Valero Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone No. (02) 519-3543

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 11am-10pm

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