Let Your Palate Run Wild With Wildflour

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but oftentimes, the most neglected. Late night overtimes and the early morning rush hour traffic can make us forget to take a bite. If you find yourself in Bonifacio Global City before work, drop by Wildflour Cafe + Bakery to complete your morning routine. Conveniently situated just a block away from The Fort Strip, Wildflour offer selections of freshly baked bread, pastries and breakfast that will energize your half-sleeping self. The bloggers decided to give Wildflour a try.

Passing by Wildflour, one could not help but stare at the pastries displayed at the door, as if inviting people in. The smell of freshly-baked pastries envelope the whole bakery cafe as you enter. A gorgeous well-traveled lifestyle blogger described this place as having a ‘Hollywood’ feel. I personally noticed a number of expatriates arriving by the dozens, having a chat or simply enjoying food with family. Wildflour has been acclaimed by a number of foodies as the best breakfast joint in this district but we are putting this to test.


Freshly-Baked Baguette with butter cheese is served as a complimentary bread for every customer, before a heavy breakfast. I do suggest though to save big stomach space, you will be pumped full with carbohydrates later. I suggest buying two loaves for takeout.

Arugula Salad (P330) is served with mix of parmesan cheese, warm bacon, vinaigrette and topped with sunny-side egg. Arugula, a kind of lettuce, is acquired taste for some that is a slight kind of herb bitter to the palate but has refreshing effects on the stomach.

Tartes Flambees (P475) is served on a bread board with crispy dough base topped with wild mushroom, blue cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula. Like arugula, blue cheese is an acquired taste but with wild mushrooms makes for a European rural-like taste.

Parmesan Churros (P210) does not go with a chocolate dip, the usual fare, but parmesan cheese does the job well. Very crunchy and slightly salty like fries, lightly appetizing and melts your the mouth. You have to love the Spanish for introducing us this snack.

Main Course

Croque Madame (P420) is a full breakfast in itself with brioche bread base, ham, gruyere, and topped with a sunny-side egg. No wonder why it comes as a best seller at Wildflour since it is a compact power breakfast meal loaded with carbohydrates and protein.

Eggs on Toast (P360) is another bestseller Wildflour breakfast meal, served with scrambled eggs, parmesan, and smothered with bacon gravy. You can enjoy Eggs on Toast with smoked salmon, poached egg, and bearnaise, or ham, bordelaise, and mushrooms.

Kimchi Fried Rice (P495) is a customary breakfast meal for Korean food lovers but no spam here, as the usual Kimchi Fried Rice would go. Instead, you will find your fried rice topped with juicy Kitayama beef flat iron steak cooked medium, and poached eggs.

Barbara Manzke’s German Pancakes (340) is Wildflour’s newest breakfast treat in their menu. Light, very creamy, fluffy, and unexpectedly not too sweet, it resembles French crepes made with egg batter, rolled and filled with mango puree and vanilla yogurt.


Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie (P170) is for the lover of tropical flavor. Having peanut butter, cream, and bananas together in a dessert may be an acquired taste for some but it fits the bill well for the sweet toothed, and texture variety compliments the taste.

Panna Cotta in Passion Fruit Sauce (P170) fares well to my palate for its mix of sweet and sour taste. The sourness of passion fruit strikes a balancing contrast to the sweetness of the panna cotta. For those who are not akin to sweeter desserts, this is for you.

Bread Pudding (P220) is best served hot and take at least twenty (20) minutes to bake. Make sure you have ordered it ahead as to have it immediately for dessert. Paired with a creamy vanilla milk, it suits well those who love a chocolatey and bready dessert treat.

Wildflour Café + Bakery proved well to the the test and cemented the already popular acclaim of being the best place to have the most important meal of the day! More than food, Wildflour’s mellow vibe and light atmosphere invites all those who come in to try their best. Opened only July last year, the bakery café lives up to its veritable name as word spread like Wildfire, among the foodies and resto combers of Metro Manila. Wildflour wants to keep it that way, only by the word of mouth, as a culinary “hidden treasure.”

Ana de Ocampo, one of the co-owners, was in Wildflour to answer our inquiries. She runs the joint with her sister, Margarita Manzke, and her brother-in-law, Chef Walter Manzke, who gave the bakery café a Hollywood vibe through his experience as a chef in various top restaurants in California. Wildflour is part of a group of restaurants that includes Basil and Shi Lin. I give a kudos to the owners for keeping Wildflour a place of fun and quality food. I invite my fellow Negrenses to drop by for a yummy treat.


Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

4th Ave. cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 8am-10pm
Sunday, 8am to 7pm


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MARK MAYO - MAGALLANES – blogger by passion, cook by hobby, student by life, theater actor by fate, writer by work, and Christian by grace. Part Filipino, Chinese and Spanish by blood, he is proudly 100% Negrénse. His love for his home Island of Negros, heritage and lifestyle has led him to write much about it and full-time, all-time. View all posts by Mark Mayo - Magallanes

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