Enjoy Health With A Shabu-Shabu Pot at Typhoon Restaurant

Year 2012 is over and a few days past since the start of New Year. Make it a New Year’s Resolution by eating healthy. Give your body a break and eat something like a hotpot of shabu-shabu. In this cold, rainy weather, we recommend that you try visit Typhoon Restaurant and Bar at A. Venue Mall in Makati Avenue where you will be treated to twenty-six soup selections and freshest ingredients.


Opened a little over a year by two siblings, the restaurant is a work in progress that seeks to improve its service through experience. Aside from friendly servers that greet you as you enter, nineteen sauces are waiting for your unique combinations. Since the owners are from Hong Kong, the customer profile is mostly Chinese and other expatriates but they are seeing a surge of Filipino customers.


Your meal adds a preview of your next dining experience with what they call “tester soup” for their recommended soup on your next visit. The soups on demand are Zuiji, or a traditional drunken chicken soup, with rice wine, Chinese herbs, and spices, while its spicier version is the Sichuan. Sichuan Spicy Soup is not for the faint hearted but must love the endorphin rush after a hot aftertaste.


A good option is a two-way dry pot of Spicy Sauteed Chicken. Enjoy the saucy spicy meat and use remaining spices as a soup base, just add broth. You can order Australian Beef or Seafood that include three kinds of balls (notably with cheese filling), golden, pearl or chicken mushrooms, corn, taopao, Taiwan pechay, iceberg lettuce, pumpkin, wintermelon, taro and tofu slices, carrots, and egg.


Enjoy your hot, steaming shabu-shabu broth with choice grills of seafood like squid, shrimp, fish fillet, oysters; meats like Angus beef, beef-wrapped enokitake, marinated boneless chicken, sausages; and, vegetables like bean sprouts and chicken mushroom. A dining experience at Typhoon will give you a chance to meet new friends as the tables are a bar set where friends sit with strangers.


This 2013, have a whole new experience with shabu-shabu by spending your next hotpot dinner at Typhoon Restaurant and Bar, sharing a glass of Italian wine, or some high-quality Cuban cigar. If you are lucky, strike a conversation with the restaurant owner and win a friend. Typhoon is not just about good food or soup but also the warm atmosphere that will surely soothe you from all stresses.


Typhoon Restaurant and Bar

A. Venue Mall, Antel Lifestyle Center
7829 Makati Avenue, Makati City

Daily: 10:00am-2:00am
Landline: 02.919.6763

Check out the latest with Typhoon Restaurant and Bar through their Facebook Page.

About John Patrick Mayo - Magallanes

John Patrick, or JP to his friends, is currently a Junior student at the University of the Philippines - Diliman. He was born in Bacolod City and a proud citizen of República Negrénse. View all posts by John Patrick Mayo - Magallanes

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