Break the Norms, Go for Unusual Mixes

Inset: Photo of Salcedo Village taken from my workplace.

As you may have notice loyal readers, I have not updated this blog that much. Your blogger here now works in an advertising firm, writing industry news. That takes a lot of work, creativity and energy from your truly but its an emotionally-rewarding work. Work has its benefits of setting up a normal pattern daily but oftentimes, work routines can be draining too. When your daily routines are tiring you, try something new or in colloquial Tagalog, bagong diskarte, preferably something unusual and memorable for you too!

My friend shared to me this viral video of Real Leaf Frutcy’s online campaign and I was impressed. It seems, I thought it was going to be another video of some model drinking a bottle of sweetened tea but I was wrong. It showed that best things in life are those that randomly and unusually happen. Indeed, the streets of Manila would be less stressing if we have traffic enforcers who are fun to be with. Perhaps they too need a twist of something unusual. I had my share of unusual combinations this morning at breakfast.

Inset: Bagoong from Green Harvest and Balangon Banana from Alter Trade.

Working as a writer for a media magazine means I would have to attended some events that would end up with me going home late at night or past midnight. Oftentimes I cook for my breakfast but if I woke up late and about to go late at work, I grab whatever is inside the fridge and eat. Look at what I found in the fridge: a bottle of bagoong or shrimp paste from Green Harvest and a banana of Balangon variety from Alter Trade. What would a man in a hurry to do? Eat them together! Unusual combinations but I liked it!

Inset: Unusual combination – Piaya from Margie’s and Bagoong still from Green Harvest.

The other day, I had an even weirder combination of piaya from Margie’s Pasalubong and Bagoong still from Green Harvest. The taste of both did seem just okay for me so I ate both separately instead. What choice do I have since I was in a hurry? Life is full of unusual surprises so never be afraid to try new unusual combinations yourself. Unusual mixes takes away the blandness of routine and makes life exciting. Be inspired, get a hold of Real Leaf Frutcy and think of your unusual mixes to define your bagong diskarte.


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