Incoming Birthday Wish and the Newest Cameras from Canon

Inset: Yours truly in my 21st birthday visiting The Ruins for the first time.

So, it is going to be my birthday in a month and preparations are under way for at least a simple celebration. I remember last year on my birthday when I went back to Bacolod aboard a ZestAir flight to celebrate a weeklong birthday for the first time in four years and as a fully-committed blogger. It was actually my debut as a member of Negros Bloggers, now going to be incorporated as the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. while retaining the ‘brand name‘. With a score and two years of my life upcoming, there are a few wishes but on the top of my wish list is a new DSLR camera which I need as a blogger, to replace my old digital.

Inset: EOS5D Mark III, one of the most coveted new EOS cameras at present.

A few months ago was the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Canon Marketing Philippines at SM North EDSA where I was lucky to have been invited to attend. They unveiled new camera models but I was drooling over the EOS 5D Mark III where I actually got to use it onsite during the program. Amazingly, it can reach as high as ISO 102,400 minus the noise that is usually associated with higher ISO. No wonder it is that good since they are targeting the advanced amateur photographer to indie filmmaker markets for this one. It would not be bad to actually wish for this hot camera, isn’t it? That goes for my good wishes.

Inset: The 10.1 megapixel Canon Ixus 510 HS with 28mm lens.

On the ground, there are new Canon Ixus models. Though they do not as attract my attention being stuck to digital point and shoot for quite an ‘umay’-inducing long time, they are actually impressive ones being wi-fi enabled. That just means you can share pictures to social media immediately after the shot through a pad or tab. There are actually two new models for this one by IxusIxus 510 HS and Ixus 240 HS. Though the megapixel quality of iPad is improving steadily, the need for sharing better quality pics is what IXUS is driving at. These are actually good for fashion bloggers who have to take photos real quick.

Inset: New fashion blogger endorsers of Canon Ixus cameras.

Speaking of fashion bloggers, Canon partnered with some well-known fashion bloggers to promote Ixus cameras. I see the likes of Lissa KahayonKryz UyPatricia Prieto, Cheyser Pedregosa and David Guison designated by Canon as IXUS Ambassadors. Canon armed each with IXUS 125 HS, IXUS 500 HS, IXUS 510 HS, IXUS 240 HS and IXUS 230, all wi-fi enabled cameras for easy sharing. I do have fashion blogger friends and they do have handy digital cameras with them apart from their usual DSLR cameras, especially at times where one needs to take photos fast like fashion and design events.

Inset: Canon PowerShot SX240HS with a 20x optical zoom lens.

Like fashion bloggers, travel bloggers also need handy digital cams apart from the DSLR cameras for trips. I have done some travel in Luzon and Palawan lately and I do know that having a handy one for an easy grab is good especially in a moving vehicle. While I’d prefer a DSLR in many instances, handy cameras with some DSLR-like functions like a PowerShot SX240 HS or PowerShot SX260 HS are good for moments on the move. It also has a GPS tagging function which makes it easy for one to remember places while on the move in areas of less road signages, especially on exploration trips up the mountains.

Inset: Yours truly in a recent trip to Las Casas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan.

Lots of new cameras from Canon, isn’t it? I just hope that as I plan for more trips this year, I am going to have my new camera soon. Indeed, it is but frustrating to take bad pictures with a camera of depreciating quality for such picturesque places. I just hope that generous hearts would gift me one. For my birthday, I would be staying in Manila to spend time with friends and family but I would going back to Bacolod to serve as a liaison officer for an international competition for Tchoukball in the city which I will be writing soon. I hope you hope and pray with me for that wish I need badly for the my further blog trips.


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