Experience the Future of Shopping with Ayala Malls 360˚

The Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk stage before the event

Last week, I had a rare privilege of being invited by Ayala Malls and the PR firm Visions and Expressions for the public launch of the Ayala Malls 360˚, the mall company’s new digital media program at Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk. I appreciate hearing companies starting to delve into social media and especially increasing customer involvement in the enterprise. Ayala Malls has been a trusted mall brand with a number of first like the Concierge system and mall directories.

Ayala Malls 360˚ digital media demo booth

Onsite during the launching, Ayala Malls set up a demo booth at Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk for the mall-goers to try out the app. The Ayala Malls 360˚ App is initially available only to iPhone and iPad in beta but will be available soon for Android and Blackberry users. The app is downloadable for free so that everyone can experience the future of shopping. With the App, you can never get lost for in just a click for it will lead you from your current location to your destination. You can also check the latest movies and store offerings in real-time without the need to call ahead or consult the Concierge.

Ayala Malls Executives launch Ayala Malls 360˚

The Ayala Malls website has been recently revamped as well with easy access to the things you need to know about the Ayala Mall nearest to you. A-Deals, an interactive website, was launched as well to cater to shopping enthusiasts who would be interested with sales, concert seats or movie premieres ahead of press releases or official announcements. All you need to do is register one time for free and you will get updates on your email or mobile. If in any unfortunate circumstances, your iPad or iPhone got lowbatt, Digital Directories will also be installed in convenient locations to assist you in your malling.

Ayala Malls 360˚ newly revamped website for Ayala Malls

You may tell me though that “There is no Ayala Mall in Bacolod!” Wrong! Check this, Ayala North Point Mall is currently under construction and will open its doors on October this year, just in time for the Masskara season. They would be offering surprises and a new shopping experience to shopping savy Negrénses with an excellent mix of local and most importantly international store tenants that are signatures of Ayala Malls.

Ayala North Point Mall Under Construction in Talisay City

Exciting times are ahead for Negrénses with Ayala Malls developments coming in this year. What are you waiting for? Download Ayala Malls 360˚ in your iPhone or iPad. Ayala North Point Mall may not be there yet but as soon as it opens, another tab will be added for Western Visayas’ first and only Ayala Mall. Congratulations to Ayala Malls for the successful launching of your new digital media program and the Negrénses will be happy to have you in Metro Bacolod soon.


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