Kuppa Fort Bonifacio: Meet the Director

Kuppa Fort Bonifacio Barista and Cashier Counter

Last February, I had the privilege of setting an informal interview for a pre-screening interview of Direk Jay Abello, the director of PUREZA The Story of Negros Sugar. We initially just thought of meeting up somewhere in Ayala Center but I remembered Kuppa just opened their branch in Bonifacio Global City so I asked him to meet me there instead. I have been before to Kuppa in Global City but that was for a teaser feature of the café when the owner, Ms. Karen Lo-Tsai showed me around when it was still in its finishing touches. This time, I saw Kuppa Fort Bonifacio once again and it was fully operational. The baristas and the manager immediately recognized me and got me a comfortable seat by the window, just as I would prefer sitting in a café.

Kuppa’s Push Button to Call for Orders and Needs

If you wish to order, you just have to press the order button usually located on the corner of the table. While waiting, the café has a complete set magazines and newspapers out in the market for one to read. The simple but elegant minimalist design sits well with the ambience that is deliberately casual and calm.

Reading materials available for the waiting ones at Kuppa

Nestled in the quite corner of Bonifacio Global City near St. Luke’s Medical Center, its a perfect place for casual conversations and for informal meetings with clients or just simply to relax. While reading a newspaper, Ms. Karen saw me and approached to greet me, asking how was my experience in Kuppa so far.

Freshly-roasted coffee beans at Kuppa Fort Bonifacio

Ms. Karen is the only certified coffee Q-grader in the country hence you can assure that your coffee is always of the premium quality. Coffee beans are sourced either globally from countries producing premium coffee or locally among the highland coffee plantations of CordilleraBatangas and Negros Occidental. To maintain freshness, the coffee beans are roasted inside the store using machines directly imported from Italy, the gourmet coffee capital of the world, so that the aroma is captured and stays longer. The coffee beans are ground and used on the same day, never stays overnight.

Kuppa’s Imported Coffee Grinder from Italy

French pressed coffee at the counter

Since I was in the mood for dark coffee, I opted to order one French pressed. That made me interested where I could buy one of those since I regularly brew native ground coffee at home. The aroma of brewed coffee got me excited and certainly did favor my coffee-drinker senses. I usually drink coffee with sugar and milk but great coffee would have me drink black and I did! For those who love or maybe have been addicted to coffee, this would be a good find for you.

Mini-cakes and other pastry selections at Kuppa Fort Bonifacio.

Kuppa’s Blueberry Muffin

When drinking coffee, its good to have some cakes and pastries with you to munch on. They have good selection of cakes, mini-cakes, shortcakes and muffins to choose from. Choosing pastries was hard since they were all yummy but at the same time, was full from eating lunch in a previous event. Usually my benchmark for café pastries would be their cupcakes or muffins so I decided to order a blueberry muffin. I was not wrong in deciding to since the muffin was moist with chunks of blueberry mixed with the muffin, unlike other blueberry muffins sold that are merely flavored by artificial flavoring.

Angel Food Cake inside a dome cover at Kuppa

Kuppa’s Gelatto selections also available at their Fort Bonifacio branch

If you wish for something not coffee-related, Kuppa Fort Bonifacio offers a good selection of gelatto which one may get from the counter. What I usually notice is that gelatto offered in Negrénse café‘s are always good, not too sweet with a bit emphasis on the flavor itself than the sweetness. Kuppa also offers thin crust pizza at your convenience but unfortunately, since I had an event to go to, I was not able to order this time but do try that one.

Butter Thins and other cookie treats for sale at Kuppa Fort Bonifacio.

For those on the go, you may buy some butter thins and other cookie treats in a tin can for your liking. Want to experience the taste of Kuppa Coffee at home? They also sell coffee beans for you to grind or for those without grinders, they also have ground coffee for an affordable price. From what I heard from a Korean who visited the café, Kuppa is beginning to be a hit among the resident Koreans there for its affordable price and nice quiet ambience. If you are in Bonifacio Global City, do visit Kuppa and savor good coffee with tasty food selections. Kuppa Fort Bonifacio is located in Commerce Center, 31st cor 4th Avenue, just a block away from St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City.


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