Museum Café: Vegetable Juices and Improved Selections

As the trend for healthy living escalates nowadays, restaurants and café joints are taking the cue in serving healthy selections from their menu. It is not only food that is now beginning to be served organic and healthy, so are drinks too. Fresh fruits and vegetables do well for the body and their good benefits are best experienced when eaten raw. Oftentimes, heating fruits and vegetables at times kills the enzymes and would not work as good for the body. The solution into ingesting those with enzymes and nutrients whole or effective is to juice them up. The Museum Café has taken healthy living by adding into their selection tomato and carrot juice which would work well for the health conscious. Why should we drink tomato or carrot juice? The Museum Café explains why.

Juicing is the fast track to good health. Using organic vegetables for juicing allows you to take in more vegetables at one time than you would by eating raw or cooked vegetable. Concentrated vegetable mass in liquid forms is easy to digest up, thus making juicing daily ideal for good health and curing health problems. The body is more able to metabolize nutrient into our body cells, especially since uncooked vegetables retain enzymes. Raw vegetables provide all the enzymes you need for optimum assimilation. Carrots are usually a staple. You can add apples, greens or beets but carrots are not as perishable and offer more juice at less prices.

Carrots are great as a base for juicing whatever else you want to include in your fresh vegetable juice. More importantly, carrots are amazingly nutritious and healing by themselves, with vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A overdosage on vitamin supplements and fish oils may prove fatal, this is not possible on vitamin A with carrots and it is good to ingest as much of the vitamin from the root crop. Beta-carotene is also a major antioxidant and helps maintain vision along with the fair share of lutein. Beta -carotene is good at maintaining epithelial tissue, the tissue surrounding internal organs which is susceptible to cancerous growth.

Carrots are also rich in poly-acetylene anti-oxidant falcarinol. Research at the University of Newcastle has shown carrot falcarinol destroys pre-cancerous cells in tumors and helps keep cancer away. A carrot is a deep soil root crop and this enables their roots for absorb an abundant array of minerals. They are also rich in other vitamins, including B vitamins and folates. Folate is the natural and safe source of folic acid. The list of nutrients gained from juicing carrots are unique synergy of its enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids which provides an almost miraculous healing to some diseases when ingested well in our body’s system.

Drinking carrot juice cleanses and restores the liver which is our body’s master cleanser, without which we would die from internal toxic buildups. A healthy liver is proven to be an effective in cleansing our body from toxins. Carrot juice has been called the golden juice of healing so get a big bunch of carrots. Carrots store well in your refrigerator or cool cellar. Don’t store the juice this spoils or nutrients are broken down to an unusable form. Drink each freshly juiced batch immediately as often as your health needs. As your sweetener, you may you organic muscovado, unfiltered honey or juiced stevia herb if you cannot drink a carrot juice as is.

Aside from the healthy selection of carrot and tomato juice now available at the Museum Café, they also have two new selections of meals that is filling but would still appeal to the health conscious. With four selections well received last week, they are improved in taste and are still available for the foodies. The Museum Café has always maintained a strict compliances to using organic products and this attract a growing number of health conscious people who have been patronizing them. If you have not visited our Museum Café yet, do so next week to check out their interesting weekly food item which would surely catch fare well to your palate.

Roasted Anis Pork Belly with Tuba Sauce

We marinated a bacon slab for 4 days covered with anis seed. Left it in the oven on low temperature for ten hours and roasted glazed with honey. Sixteen liters fresh sparkling tuba were reduced until 0.5 liter concentrated as syrup, most beautiful in sour and sweet balance, creamy with hints of the tuba taste. Served with salad, bread of choice or organic brown rice.

Upo Filled with Ground Beef and Mixed Nuts

Oven baked Upo filled with a mix of nuts and ground beef. Served with fresh tomato sauce, salad and bread of choice or organic brown rice.

Classic Shrimp Cocktail

We only buy shrimps in the market when we see a few shrimps still moving, to be sure they are fresh. At home rinsed and directly in plenty boiling seawater: 35grams Bago Seasalt per liter water. The best and most original way to cook shrimps. A minute for small shrimps up to 3 mins. for big shrimps; just done. Quickly cooled down in our fridge and served as starters, cold with some lettuce and creamy cocktail sauce beefed up with a hint of brandy.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Tenderloin from the Brahman Cow and creamy sauce with fresh green peppercorn, fresh version of black peppercorn, from Concepcion. We serve this ‘Tournedos au Poivre’ as main course with salad and choice of our bread varieties or organic brown rice.

Stingray in Coconut Wine Sauce

Rare in the market, but we could buy a fresh wing of a 1.50 cm diameter Sting Ray. We made fillets and from cuttings and bones a stock, added coconut milk and wine and reduced to saucy thickness. We served this Stingy Ray as main course with salads and your choice of our bread varieties or organic brown rice.

Grilled Tuna with Matured Green Tomato-Raisin Chutney

We found a nice fresh Yellow fin Tuna in the Talisay Market. Made fillets and grilled it. It comes with matured more than a year, green tomato-raisin chutney, a beautiful marriage of tastes. With organic brown rice and our rich salad.

Every serving is guaranteed freshly cooked on the café and is made with the freshest ingredients from the local market especially in Talisay City up north. Farmers bring in fresh produce from their farms to the markets early in the morning, just in time for mercado publico or public markets to open which is purchased for Museum Café use and brought fresh to the resident chef. Since ingredients are sourced locally, having selections from the Museum Café helps the local farmers earn from their products. Their food selections are good for lunch meals with organic rice while candle light dinners are best matched with different selections of bread.

If tomato or carrot juices are not up to your liking, there are freshly squeezed oranges or lime for you. Orange and lime are squeezed at the time you order and are not stored ones to ensure that vitamin C is kept intact. Lemonades and freshly brewed iced tea are also available for your liking. The Museum Café is open from Tuesdays to Sundays for lunch, merienda and dinner from 10 am to 10 pm. Whether you just came from work or finished touring Negros Museum, be sure to drop by anytime and you’ll be entertained by their kind staff. They also have a function room good for a maximum of sixty people for gatherings, meetings and small events.


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