Pascua sa Bacólod: Healthy Dining, Spa and Pastries

On our way back to the Bangga Pepsi in Brgy. Bata from The Ruins, Doc Chard mentioned that he wanted to eat local cuisine that he read from a coffee table book back in Café 1925. Since I don’t want to bring him to carinderias that are of questionable hygienic standards, I decided to bring him to a restaurant that serves local cuisine gourmet version – 21 Restaurant. 21 Restaurant or many would recognize as Bar 21 was named after the street it is located in, the 21st Street on the corner with Lacson Street. If I am in the city, I usually go here to feast on batchoy but this time we are trying out a full meal of healthy local dishes.

In the menu, we found apan-apan or abodong kangkong, laswa and chicken tinola, dishes that are normally reserved for the table as ordinary viands. Now we are ordering those in a fancy restaurant and we are curious on how the taste will fare or how it will be. I grew up with these simple dishes and I still eat them occasionally when I see the chance. My tita who now lives in the US would ask for bowl of laswa everytime she goes home in Bacólod. We did not have to wait that long for us to know. First to arrive was our large bowl of laswa that has all the vegetables I recognize with nicer cuts, apan-apan and lengue the last.

These humble dishes that have made it to fancy palate have never lost its taste and I am glad that people are learning to appreciate what used to be ordinary but healthy cuisine. I give my thumbs up with lengua for its tenderness and the mashed potatoes that was paired with it. Our dinner at 21 Restaurant was a good way to end the long heritage trip that took us to the shores of Brgy. Balaring to the heritage houses and finally to the lovely scenery of The Ruins. Even as we had our fill, we are not done yet since we still have yet to savor some desserts. Since mango pavlova over at Bob’s was sold out, we decided that Felicia’s it is.

On our way to Felicia’s, we passed by Calla Lily Spa and Massage where we immediately noticed the P250 full body massage. Since we walked all day long with our muscles aching, we decided to try it out for after all, we need to have this well deserved relaxation. I waited a bit for my turn listening to relaxing music and enjoying my cup of tea. Moments after, I was given my own space for settled in for an hour’s worth of massage. An hour’s worth of massage was actually short for me since I was able to sleep the whole time. I went out feeling more relaxed but we were still for our original plan of grabbing some dessert at Felicia’s.

Over at Felicia’s I immediately noticed the tasty macarons by the corner! Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for macarons but I got sans rival which is so good while my guest got a slice of chocolate cake. I originally intended to get apple pie but was sold out which I am surprised since it is that good. Apple pie is what I got on my first visit to Felicia’s and I was hooked to it. I checked for the almond buttercrunch that I once gave a food blogger in Manila. The dessert at Felicia’s completed the day and since we have a scheduled trip to the South the next day, I brought my guest back to his hotel and went home for some rest.


For more photos not included in this blog entry, check out the Photo Blog.


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