Pascua sa Bacólod: Grill Guru and Pietro Kaffee

Christmas Gift-Giving is an annual tradition by very active forummers from Skyscrapercity Bacólod and I was invited to join them. Unfortunately, the 6-hour trip the previous day from Boracay Island down to Iloilo City and across to Bacólod City tired me out so I was not able to join them. However, after meeting up with my friend, Negros Blogger Jade Seriña-Bioneda of the blog Jaded, I was told that there is going to be a group dinner at Grill Guru. I heard about Grill Guru before when friends from Bacólod Food Hunters went there for their food review. I saw a golden opportunity for a good feature so I hurriedly went. We waited for a while to get our table since it was full but the owner was accommodating enough to entertain us. Not long after, we got our table.

For appetizers, we ordered potato mojos to ease our hungry stomachs a bit with some calamares too. The potatoes did not take long to arrive but surprisingly, the calamares was a bit late. We were told that it will take fifteen minutes more but savoring the potatoes, we did not mind. True to my friends’ stories they shared, their appetizer was good. Unlike other restaurants, spices were not merely sprinkled but were mixed with the batter. This holds true for calamares after it arrived after ten minutes, five minutes less than what was expected. I was tempted to finish off the appetizers when I remembered that we have more company. Perhaps sensing growing impatience due to food smell-induced hunger, our companions arrived not long after and we finally gave our order.

Choosing for my food was tough since the descriptions of the dishes scream “Namit!” on top of my thoughts, not to mention, they’re all cheap too. Taking the cue from some of my companions, I ordered taco rice since I always love to eat tacos without taco shells. It was accompanied by different orders of sate babe. We were up for a challenge since we ordered a lot more of appetizers and some chicken wings too. Not long after, our order of taco rice arrive first. Since I was hungry, I immediately gobbled up my meal and I looked like a hungry cow deprived of food for so long but hey, it was really satisfying good. I would have finished my food fast if not for companions still waiting for their food. Orders of sate babe with grilled chicken arrived and others started eating.

Eating at Grill Guru was a delight but eating with forummer friends made it a good night. Inside jokes, current issues plaguing the province on the ground or cyberspace and their gift giving experience. I regretted not joining the gift giving since I saw pictures of children, old people and the poor bearing smiles on the faces. I guess I found the real essence of forums here and it is not about just mere discussions or even bashing rival forummers but actually making an impact on the community your are trying to promote. I just hope this always goes in the minds of those who are into forums not only in Skycrapercity but also similar forums out there. As we wrapped up with our dinner, we decided to get dessert some place else. We all decided to check Pietro Kaffee out.

From Grill Guru in La Salle Avenue, near the University of St. La Salle – Intergrated School, we drove all the way to SM City Bacólod to get our dessert fix at Pietro Kaffee. Pietro Kaffee have some interesting selection of cakes but since it was Christmas Eve the next day, their supplies were depleted, as well as their Krispy Kreme selections that they usually have. A full meal at Pietro Kaffee would have been good if we did not eat in Grill Guru. Since I was full, I just decided to order mint gelato for dessert. There was a midnight sale in SM City Bacólod so there were a lot of people streaming into the mall. As much as I wanted to stay, I have to go home after since I have to do some Christmas Eve preparations with family. All in all, it was a good time and spent quite well.


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