Pascua sa Bacólod: Reminisce at the Provincial Capitol Lagoon

Sea travel is often the most taxing experience for many people and it took a bit of toll on my Singapore-based guest I fetched from Iloilo. Knowing that a good view could relieve one of discomfort, I took my guest to the Provincial Capitol Lagoon. I have featured the Provincial Capitol Lagoon and it’s newly installed fountains before but this time, I will be seeing the fountains myself. Previous decorations in the Provincial Capitol was just sleezy Christmas lights spelling out greetings of “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” in Hiligaynon. This year and may become a permanent sight in the Provincial Capitol, the area is draped in blue and green.

This particular day, the Provincial Capitol Lagoon was full of families going into night picnics on the park lawn. I still remember more than a decade ago when my family would do the same bringing picnic mats but instead of bringing picnic baskets with goods, we would buy snacks or dinner at the McDonald’s branch across. Even as distractions like TV and internet has seemed to have replaced outdoor quality time, I am happy that this has not been totally gone after all. Nothing beats the fresh air, a simple comfort that residents of Bacólod City still enjoy and something that counterpart cities in other parts of the country could only wish having.

The skating rink that was built in my childhood years is still in good shape and a number of roller skaters and skateboarders doing their tricks with friends. On the stage platform, some ladies were doing some dance exercises, another group was busy with what seems to be tai-chi while there were a lot of joggers for that day. My bet is that they were trying to drop off some pounds after a full noche buena on Christmas night and reserving some more for the New Year’s feast. The Provincial Capitol Lagoon is most alive in this time of the day and served it’s ultimate purpose of being a place for family bonding with some occasional couples “PDA-ing”.

While I was reminiscing the sixteen years I spent in this city and the memories I had with this place, Doc Richard was busy taking some snapshots of the place. He found it very impressive and what could be most picturesque Provincial Capitol he has ever seen. The almost 80-year old Provincial Capitol of Occidental Negros was and still is an impressive structure that is a testament to the power that the sugar industry now holds. It is still best to it by the steps of the Capitol, sit by the grasses or feeding the tilapias with popcorn or rice pops for good family time. My hope is that this heritage park will be maintained well for future generations to enjoy.


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