Viaje Sur: Isla Mina de Oro (Mindoro)

As I said my goodbyes and blessings to the beautiful voice I discovered on my musings in Verde Is. Passage, I encountered a scenery of Calapan City I have so long missed. I passed by this route before but I was not able to appreciate the sceneries around the Port Area all well. Disembarking from the ship, I wandered around to find the van service that I have contracted all the way from Batangas International Port. Feeling a bit lost, a port guard approached me if I need something and I told him about my van service. He was kind enough to lead me to where the van service is assigned to park at the port. Kind and helpful people always make my trip. After a few minutes trip, I was off to southern Mindoro.

Mindoro is an interesting place with a mix of mountains, plains and the sea just within sight of each other. It was rainy when I we traversed out of Calapan City so everything was gloomy. What I loved the view was that it was all green and fresh air abounds. Mindoro is relatively a laid back island, not much major business establishments as we see in Manila but that is the beauty of it. As the van was traversing the road to Roxas Port, I wish I could just stop and take some snapshots or sketch the scenery. Rice fields stretch for hundreds of kilometers while coconut trees line the mountainside, so as banana plantations too, owing to the agricultural economic base of the island.

The Spanish named the Island “Mina de Oro”, from where the name Mindoro evolved, believing that the island is full of potential gold mines. No gold mines exist in Mindoro but the real goldmine of the island lies in the lushness of its environment with the hospitality of its people. I never got lost traversing some of the towns I stopped for a leisure work, it seems everyone is willing to help me when I asked for one. People even suggested places to go to and explore but how I wished I have more time to do so. The charm and smiles of the people made me feel much like home.

Nearing Roxas Port, I could hear the language starting to change with some people already speaking in Hiligaynon, or I could have heard Rombloanon, a dialect of Hiligaynon spoken by people from Romblon, just a few mines away from Mindoro Island. Roxas, Oriental Mindoro has become a melting pot of cultures with people more diverse than the capital Calapan City. Here, I could hear people speak in Tagalog, Hiligaynon with mostly the Rombloanon variant and Akeanon. The sight of the ships from a distance was a sign that I was about to end my Mindoro experience. I took a Montenegro ship heading to Caticlan Port, near Boracay Island, Aklan. Mindoro shall have me back soon for more of the island’s wonders and beauty next time.


More photos available for the curious eyes at the Photo Blog Entries I and II.


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