Eat Pray ILOve ILOve: A Day with Sexy Maggie

If you think my trip to Iloilo City was just all about sights and wonders plus food, you are wrong. After a segway at Bluejay Coffee and buying a small cake as a gift, I went to 92.7 Wild FM’s Iloilo Station at Perpetual Succor Bldg., Jalandoni St. near the University of San Agustin, just across an RCBC branch. Wild FM Iloilo, an FM radio station owned by the University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network, has just been in half a year’s operation and has already landed a No. 6 spot in on-air ratings which is an amazing feat for an FM Station with fourteen other competitors. My purpose for the visit is to meet Wild FM Iloilo radio jockey Gindy Cezar, also known on air as Sexy Maggie, one of the most interesting radio jockeys of 92.7 Wild FM.

Graduating just this year at West Visayas State University, she was immediately absorbed into the still brand new 92.7 Wild FM as one of their pioneer radio jockeys. Sexy Maggie’s time slot on air is between 1am to 6pm, pretty much one of the trying time slots to handle since she would be handling both a laidback siesta time of 1pm and the rush hour of late afternoon. Even with her busy schedules, she is able to handle he time between family, being a radio jockey and as an ESL instructor. Pretty amazing for your extraordinary DJ, right? How I met Gindy is a bit of curiosity since it was just a purely online interaction though we both found ourselves in the same camp during the last Presidential elections.

The New Year pretty much awaits a better point for the Sexy Maggie here and I am glad I met her before the year ends. Asked whether she will sit out longer at the booth or not, she said that she might be planning to take up her master’s studies soon but which would be thought of since her career is blossoming. With a cheerful and sunny voice on-air, Sexy Maggie had me hooked to 92.7 and a regular listener myself, either on the 92.7 frequency which can be picked up in Bacólod City or via online livestream at Sexy Maggie was cool enough to greet me in the first part of her program and in the last part, just before I left for Bacólod.

I am very thankful for Sexy Maggie and the rest of the folks at Wild FM Iloilo for entertaining me while I am observing the program outside the booth. The visit alone to Wild FM Iloilo is already worth my pocket’s spent and I was able to meet new people who have very much a lot to say not only about things in broadcast but in the wider scope of life. Whether I’d be seeing Sexy Maggie again, hopefully soon, real soon. God never fails to bless me with one more friend just before the year ends. My day with Sexy Maggie and my experience at Wild FM Iloilo would be one of the happy memories I will have of 2011.


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4 responses to “Eat Pray ILOve ILOve: A Day with Sexy Maggie

  • tyoy

    correct me if im wrong ha..di bala ang wild FM daw sa Bacolod man ini sang una..galing nag close na..kag nagsaylo sa Iloilo ?

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      Yes, they transfered because indi nila ma-cope ang nagataas na rent sa Bacólod and the price of real estate… that’s according to the station manager. Honestly, the former Wild FM Bacólod was not my favorite but this one is my uber favorite especially the DJ featured here. 😀

  • tyoy

    tani nangita nalang sila lain na location na mas barato..kay daw damu man sa bacolod bakante na pwedi arkilahan di bala..pero ok lang kon nag transfer sila sa Iloilo basi may iban na rason hehe..pero salamat sa wild fm bangod dagdag naman employment sa mga kasimanwa ko na mga Ilonggo

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      Unlike sa AM kag TV signal, ang FM linear ang signal. It needs a flat range para maka-broadcast maayo. The best areas for FM stations are along Lacson, Gatuslao and Araneta Streets which happens to be experiencing a real estate boom so mas mahal ang presyo. If you take note of the locations of FM stations in Bacólod, ara tanan sa area sang Lacson, Gatuslao and Araneta Streets. Anyway, ang another reason nga ginhambal niya is the direct flights to Davao, the HQ of the University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network, the owner of Wild FM. Nami ang Wild FM Iloilo kay youngbloods ila DJ’s kag ka mga gwapa pa sang iban, including the one featured here. 🙂

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