Eat Pray ILOve ILOve: A Walking Tour of the City of Love

Randomness is what makes some trips special and amazing. Last December 28, 2011, I decided to cross over again to Iloilo City and thinking of joining a family reunion in Nabas, Aklan to which I cancelled going to for a pre-arranged matter. Instead of going to Aklan, I decided to take a walking tour of the city. At roughly 78 sq. km or approx 30 sq. miles, Iloilo City is a small city that can be toured in just a day. This city is less than an hour across the sea via fast sea vessels like Weesam which I took from my hometown Bacólod City. Instead of taking the usual pedicab from the Port area to the Freedom Grandstand, I decided to stretch my muscles a bit and explore the city.

Being the major port city of the Visayas in the late Spanish era to the middle of American rule, Iloilo City has a number of remnants to that era being the Queen City of the South as decreed by the Queen Regent of Spain. A walk on the streets transports you back to the time and one can imagine the vibrancy of port life that the city has seen. Today, the city is seeing a renewed but more modern vibrance but nevertheless, the classical feel is the touch that will uniquely be Iloilo City’s. Having not eaten breakfast, I decided to go find a place to rest and eat. I did not have to think or walk that long since my classic favorite is just within walk.

Bluejay Coffee at Amigo Terrace Hotel is my personal favorite in Iloilo City and I always to do not miss a chance to pass by here. Amidst the hustle and bustle of jeepneys passing by the streets of the city, Bluejay Coffee offers a welcome respite with a relaxing ambience and a very accommodating staff to serve me. Because I am very thirsty and it is hot outside, I decided to order a cold Café Mocha to soothe my dry throat. I chose to have whipped cream on my cold drink and the crew was kind enough to add a bit of extra, just the way I like it. Asking directions to Wild FM Iloilo’s Station, they gave me a very detailed information on how to get there which is an added extra points for me. Nothing is better than a good cold drink and a cool staff.

As I have observed, this café is a great place for family and friends to hang out. Having the comfort of being situated in the city center, Bluejay enjoys a loyal customer range especially from the consistent travelers like me. For those non-coffee people, their deli selections for one to enjoy and some fruit juices too. Not to mention, they have a good cake selection too but unfortunately though, you have to wait for a day in order for you to order a whole cake. Remembering that I would be meeting DJ Maggie latter at Wild FM Iloilo, I decided to grabe a small cake as a gift. If you spent a long walk around the city and feel tired, be sure to drop by Bluejay Coffee for that sweet tooth fix. Since it was past 11am, I decided to head over to Wild FM Iloilo following the detailed instructions of the café staff which was very helpful.


More photos available for the curious eyes at the Photo Blog.


About Mark Mayo - Magallanes

MARK MAYO - MAGALLANES – blogger by passion, cook by hobby, student by life, theater actor by fate, writer by work, and Christian by grace. Part Filipino, Chinese and Spanish by blood, he is proudly 100% Negrénse. His love for his home Island of Negros, heritage and lifestyle has led him to write much about it and full-time, all-time. View all posts by Mark Mayo - Magallanes

20 responses to “Eat Pray ILOve ILOve: A Walking Tour of the City of Love

  • forgineo

    bro, im from aklan, but i work in iloilo… who are ur relatives here in aklan? akeanon ka man gale? Good to hear more bloggers from Iloilo 🙂 check out mine too 🙂

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      Actually, I’m not an Ilonggo, I’m a Negrénse but I used to frequent Iloilo City when my younger brother was still studying at Pisay there. My grandmother’s family is from Aklan (Mati-ong) and there are lots of Magallaneses in Aklan too so Aklan can qualify (just a bit) as my second home province. 🙂

  • Leonsadsad

    It’s actually a pretty nice city..Iloilo city..My favourite cities in the Philippines are 1.Cebu 2.Iloilo 3.Davao 4.Cagayan 5.Roxas city..nice blog

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      My favorite district in Iloilo is the Molo District since I love their church structure. 🙂 Siyempre, when it comes to favorite cities, Bacólod City would be on top of my list of course but the rest of the cities in Negros and Panay I’d love to see. 😀

      • Leonsadsad

        yah i igree and also arevalo district..I am enchanted with Iloilo and the beauty of the city. Iloilo is an old city but it preserved its old history through its architecture,old buildings Iznart to Jm basa st and also museo Iloilo..It was the most beautiful museum I have ever seen in WV and it is the biggest one as well in the whole region

      • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

        Actually, Negros Museum in Bacólod City is bigger in floor area but Museo Iloilo has a wider scope of museum collections since it includes the prehistoric to modern era artifacts from all over Western Visayas. 🙂

  • menisis

    kanami sang mga old buildings sa Iloilo mo kadamu,in terms of culture, fashion, cuisine and people for me the best gid ang city of Love..the regonal center of western visayas! thanks sa pag post about Iloilo ha

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      All cities in the Philippines have their specialties and the best of their kinds. The potential of Iloilo City lies with their classical feel especially with old structures. I just hope they’d actually do something to preserve all of it since a city with a broken heritage is a city lost. 🙂

  • Tyoy

    imagine ang land area sang Iloilo city kagamay gid lang 3times 4 times hasta 10 times e kumpara sa iban na major cities sa visayas kag Mindanao ,pero ang revenue collection bala e compara sa iban na mga major cities gamay lang ang deperensya..ano na gid ayhan kon pareho ta kadaku sa iban na cities no? sa land area hehe

  • tyoy

    nami tani na picturan ang new Iloilo City hall..tahum sya..pinaka elegant, pinaka mataas,pinaka moderno kag pinakamatahum na city hall sa bilog na pungsod ang Iloilo city hall..outside Manila hehe tani may ara ka kag ma post thanks..

  • tyoy

    ang bluejays taga kita ko abi ko starbucks hehe nakabati ko nga manug duwa na kuno starbukcs sa Iloilo kay nami kag mabakal sya kaayo..daw wala ga kawad an tawo..

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      I know of a blogger who described Bluejays as the Starbucks of Iloilo when Starbucks was not opened yet at Southpoint. Mayo guid ang investment ka Starbucks sa Western Visayas since all three branches (Bacólod, Boracay and Iloilo) have customers full to the brim. I’ve been to all three and thumbs up ko sa Starbucks, that is why the hearsays of second branches with Bacólod and Iloilo are getting stronger. 🙂

  • tyoy

    mayo kon amo sina ang duwa ka starbucks sa bacolod kag Iloilo mabaskog kag madamu tawo..pero nabatian ko sa Iloilo daw sa general luna or bacolod ya ano ang huring huring kon sa diin patindogon ang second branch nila? bisan hh lang kon inkaso lang bala sa pamatyagan para may idea ang tanan

  • tyoy

    bisan old na katahum sang San Jose church..mayo na da ang plan hambal sang paryenti ko na konsehal haha…ang plaza libertad patahumon kuno ina may mga fountains e landscape maayo kag may gamay na daw lagoon lagoon sa tubang city hall haha…halin plaza libertad hasta fort san pero himuon nga tourist attraction pa gwapohon kanami sang plan hehe

  • tyoy

    sa mga pics nga na post sa pihak na forum daw kadaku sang robinson sa bacolod no? pila ang iya area? daw nabatian ko daw sa Iloilo ang pinakadaku sa Visayas kag Mindanao..kag malapit nalang mapa obra ang o hotel sa may ledesma wing sa parking lot Go hotel ..masugpon sa mall kag sa idalum ya expansion sang mall te laban mas daku pa gid sya guro kay daw 20,000 sq meter bala ang area sang expansion mo hehe

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