Viaje Sur: Verde Is. Passage and The Voice

As the ship was working its way out of the port, the sun was beginning to rise in the horizon. The location of Batangas International Port is part of the area commonly called the Verde Is. Passage, so named because of Verde Island between Batangas Province and the Island of Mindoro. Verde Is. Passage is the busiest sealane on the country with ships from Visayas and Mindanao passing by the area, international ships heading to Batangas International Port and sea traffic from either Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro or Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. Even with busy passage of ships, the Verde Is. Passage remains to be scenic on the surface and picturesque with the marine life underneath. The smell of salty air reinvigorates a weary traveler in search of what matters most in life.

Travelling at four in the morning, I was a bit drowsy but my curiosity always gets a hold of me while I took pictures. To the regular travelers who commute between Batangas and Mindoro, they looked at me in amazement as if what I was doing was not the usual. Growing up in a city, these natural wonders are an hour or so drive from where I live in Metropolitan Bacólod and more so in Metropolitan Manila. Travels like these offers me a chance to just meditate on life especially on the creator who created all these. Most often, it is the foreigners who appreciate well these wonders more than we do. I remember a documentary by the National Academy of Sciences that did an eco-research trip of that very stretch of the Verde Is. Passage and found new species never seen before in the world. As I was pondering on all these blessings of God, I suddenly heard someone singing by the deck.

Just as I thought I was dreaming and am hearing a mermaid, I saw a girl with her Mom just five meters from where I was standing on deck. Hearing her sing all the more, I thought to have hit a jackpot and found a good talent until I realized that I was not a talent scout. Where is a talent scout when I need one anyway? But wait a minute, I am a blogger and could be as good as one. After a few thoughts up to heaven for God to push me, I did approach the Mom and Daughter by the deck. Meet Alayza Monis from Fairview, Quezon City. The girl was shy but really musical and would go in a random song, very much passionate about music. Even with her passion, she has not joined any competitions yet though she is a choir member of Himig Ariel.

I talked to the rest of the family members and discovered that all of them are musically inclined to. No wonder why this girl is just so passionate about it. Her uncle is a ship engineer and talked to me much about how he randomly goes into song while working on rounds. Having that talent, who could ever go bored, right? He has his hands with the guitar and is very much supportive of his children, nephews and nieces in their musical talents. Asking why they are going to Calapan City, I discovered that they are Mindoreños. The trip that I though I would be bored to death had meaning after all. I wish to have talent scouts among my readers and actually tap this girl’s talent out. Though it needs a bit of polishing, she has a long way to go. Our conversation was cut short when the shipped whistled arrival at Calapan City Port. The family offered me a free ride in their van for Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, halfway to Roxas Port. I would have loved to but I have already contracted my van ride at Batangas Internationa Port. As I said my pleasantries and blessings, I wonder when I’d see them again. For now, I am bound to Roxas Port first at the southern tip of Mindoro Island on my way to my final destination, Boracay Island.


More photos available for the curious eyes at the Photo Blog Entries I and II.


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