The Capitol Lagoon: New Beauty In Timeless Old Glory

This morning, with an aching body from the tiresome activities yesterday, I check my Facebook for new stuff around the online community. Seemingly half-awake, an image captured my mind and threw me aback. I did recognize the statue of a man with his carabao but something on the background caught my attention, what seems to be a fountain. When I thought I was dreaming, I did remember that later today, they are going to officially turn on the dancing fountain in the Provincial Capitol Lagoon at Bacólod City. The installation of a dancing fountain and color-themed floodlights signify a fateful start of developments around the area that is spearheaded by the Ayala Land, Inc. The Ayala Land, Inc., the undisputed winner of the bidding for the land behind the Provincial Capitol and the lots behind or beside the Philippine National Bank Regional Office, will develop not only the area of choice they acquired but also the whole premises of Province in Lacson St., already home to Bacólod’s or even the Island’s premiere commercial and financial districts.

In a recap of history, the Provincial Capitol’s construction was spearheaded in 1924 by the famous city-planner Daniel Burnham, the same Daniel Burnham who master planned the City of Baguio. The structure is of Beaux Art Design and was originally planned to include the present central façade only just like its twin Provincial Capitol in Negros Oriental. The North and South Wings were added for more office spaces, social functions and court offices when the present Hall of Justice was not yet constructed. As evident with Daniel Burnham’s project in Baguio City, he also had a man-made lagoon done which added to the beauty of the complex. There used to be lightings and small fountains in the Lagoon but was discontinued due to the financial losses incurred by the province during the height of the Sugar Crisis in 1980’s. The return of the fountains in the lagoon, in a grander scale, is a symbol that the Province has already surpassed the challenges of the economic downfall.

According to reports, it is a German firm who installed the fountains in the Capitol Lagoon which started their test runs early this week. The Provincial Capitol Lagoon’s new fountains with sport a 25-30ft. spout of water, synchronized with lights which would definitely bring back the glory and attention to this heritage structure. This will definitely bring a jubilant cheer among the regular joggers and some lovers trying to find cool solace in the Provincial Capitol Lagoon Park. Structures with fountains are currently the norm in the city especially at grand hallways of hotels but the first structures to sport one aside from the Provincial Capitol Lagoon are the Silay City Plaza* which is the first in the Province, the Old Bacólod City Hall or what is called the Fountain of Justice and the Philippine National Bank Regional Office though the bank’s fountain is currently non-functional.


República Negrénse would like to thank and acknowledge Mr. Marlon Sabio for the photos and *Dr. Maritel Ledesma, MD for the info on the Silay fountains.


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12 responses to “The Capitol Lagoon: New Beauty In Timeless Old Glory

  • bacollywood

    stunning fountain. bacolod deserves it, the most livable city in the philippines. am excited to see the soon to rise ayala capitol civic center.

  • abrosha

    may business park kag special economic zone ang patindugon sang ayala sa Iloilo next year .7 hectares kapideco estate daw sila man bilog ma develop pati ang gaisano lot sa diversion 14 hectres sila man ma develop? heehe pareho sa bacolod nag sulod mn sila amu na hambal nila na isa sa mga pasabog next year hehe gin bulgar ko na

  • abrosha

    kanami gid man sang plan sang ayala sa capitol sa negros lalo na pagpatahum sang lagoon…yah pero indi lang sa isa ka lugar may plan ang ayala sa Iloilo lapta siya. may ara man sa gaisano area hehe.may twin towers na da ang ayala sa kapedeco next year condo man kag hospital kag ang iban nga soil testing sa kapedeco iya man sang ayala halin technohub hasta kapideco daw sila..,wala ko kabalo kon ano nga plan nila hehe sorry OT tuloy..pero nami plan nila sa Bacolod kag Iloilo ah lalo na dira sa capitol kag sa lagoon

  • abrosha

    ang dumaan pa siguro na plano ang nahibaluan mo..pero ang latest wala kana siguro idea may pagbag o na hehe

  • abrosha

    pwedi mo ma enumerate? isa isa kon ano nga mga buildings patindugon nila? kag ano gid mga plan nila base sa imo nahibaluan?last quarter sang november na ini subong latest ang nakaptan ko na xerox copy sang plan..ang dumaan wala na to

  • Tagoy34

    indi ko maintindihan sa tion pa sang christmas kita iya ga inaway di..kon wala lang tani pa bati bati sa tagsa tagsa may peace gid ang iloilo kag bacolod pero daw kabudlay gid..pero hambala lang kami kon indi kana gusto mag visit kami diri kag mag blog mo.kay ok lang ..

    • Mark Mayo - Magallanes

      All I ask is that don’t bad mouth my city, province and island or anyone from my city, province and island since I am promoting Negros here. Leave fightings over at the SSC threads and don’t carry it over here. In this blog, Iloilo and Bacólod are best of friends for guess what, my next entry would on my really good experience in Panay Island, including Iloilo. If you want to address problems in the city, province and island, send me a private e-mail posted here at the Ads and Sponsors page.

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