Something Muy Delicioso Is About To Open Tomorrow

You heard it right, something “muy delicioso” is going to grace the City of Smiles tomorrow. What else could it be but Delicioso, the former Café Breizh that will open with a new concept tomorrow at the Café Breizh Building in Mandalagan, near Covergy’s and Two SanParq Towers. The tagline “wine, food and coffee” attracted my attention since all of those are my favorites! Wine I toast to a healthy living, food I love with passion and coffee makes my morning bright, at least my mood that is. Delicioso is quite a fine dining restaurant and will cater to the fancy of those who love Deli-type cuisine fused with interesting flavors of the Mediterranean. Ahead of the Grand Opening tomorrow which will be attended by Negros Bloggers, I was given a look at the menu. Let’s have peek!


Price is not an issue as of the moment since I am not allowed to divulge it. I can assure you that you can have that fine dining experience at a fraction of the price that most fine dining restaurants in Manila offer. Let’s say you have P500, you can already have a filling, tummy-bursting dinner date with your someone special and have extra for dessert. How’s that for you? That would be something I would consider taking a date to if ever I will ask a girl out for dinner in the City of Smiles.

For appetizers, I looked over at the Pasta selection and found that you have choices of capellini, spaghetti, spaghettoni, bavete and pene rigate for whatever kind of pasta recipes you prefer. One interesting pasta choice is the Aglio e O’lio or the Garlic-Oil Pasta. As the menu bares, Aglio e O’lio or Aglio for short is made with capellini pasta lightly tossed with garlic and olive oil. This is good for my vegetarian friends who disdain the rare selections of pasta in some restaurants serving pasta. Aglio O’lio is one tricky recipe too since the garlic taste must be light and not overpowering to savor the taste of the parmesan cheese too. Italian pasta enthusiasts find it rare to find a perfect Aglio O’lio in the country but Delicioso’s Aglio O’lio is worth the try.

In the sandwich corner, I seem to have some sort of serendipitous experience. I saw Philly Cheesesteak! It has been months since I last ate one and the restaurant I went to in Metrowalk to have a taste of it closed down. If you are surprised to see cheese and tender beef slices in one, you have missed a heavenly treat. This is a definitely must-try sandwich on my list.

So much of the sandwich though since hungry stomachs would go for the kill… I mean, for the main course. On the bottom of the Main Course section, I saw paella valenciana. If you have been a loyal reader of this blog, this could have reminded you of my paella valenciana history overture back at my food review of O’sonho Eastwood. Paella Valenciana is pretty much a part of my family’s culinary tradition and my mother passed that tradition. This makes me very much passionate of the paella valenciana I ate. Paella valenciana has sticky rice colored yellow and has a mix of ingredients like seafood, meat or vegetables, with a kick of spices for the added flavor and not to mention, the Mediterranean feel on your tongue. Whether for a date or for a family dinner, Delicioso has it for you on the menu for you to try out.

Pizza will never depart from your selection of Mediterranean cuisine. While there are six selections of pizza in the menu, the last one caught my attention, Create Your Own Pizza. “If none of the pizza selections appeals to your palate, why not create your own pizza?”, the concept’s creator must have thought. Their deli counter has a selection of ingredients to choose from. Once you are ready, just give your customized pizza to the waiter who would do the baking for you. Fun, easy and a good bonding activity  while eating out with friends. Make sure you all agree on what to put, okay?

For coffee lovers, they six selections of coffee to choose from with Expresso on the top of the list to your sweet cappuccino at the bottom of the list. Notice that the price is just double digits? Coffee lovers like me love high-quality but cheap coffee selections. If coffee is not in your liking, you can have wine too. They have a wide selection of wines to choose from either to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, or just simply to spice up the moment with your someone special. Since Delicioso opens tomorrow, why don’t you give it a try? I am sure you would exclaim “Muy delicioso!”


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