The Hacienda Correspondent: Norma’s Coffee Store

Yesterday morning, I woke up with my alarm sounding with a defiant boom heralding 6:30am in the clock. My body suddenly felt a jolt and went up immediately for I know I will be late for the Silay City Tour that will be meeting in front of the Provincial Capitol. Having one of my fastest baths ever and a lightning jolt meal, I prepared myself for the day with my signature hacienda hat with me. Preparing fast in a small space of time is a daunting task but what I was after is the opportunity to learn more about Silay City and its rich cultural history. As I was thinking about this while passing Libertad Market, I suddenly smelled coffee and it was not from Kape Mabuhay which was a distance away. After a fast deliberation with my thoughts, I decided to take the risk and went down the jeepney to check the place out.

I decided to take the risk because I will never be able to have a chance as I am in Bacólod to get there anyway. Having a few lingering thoughts, I crossed the street and let my nose lead the way. Not long after, I was able to locate where the strong aromatic smell of coffee came from, Norma’s Coffee Store. I wondered why I was not able to discover this place in my first visit to the Libertad Market yet it exist there. Norma’s is one of the stores selling whole coffee beans or ground ones in the area but unlike other stores, they do not serve coffee. They segregate their coffee according to quality and quantity. I bought a third of a kilo for just P44 a bag which I know will only be of use until I get to Manila. The aroma of coffee is overpowering to where I was standing but this is the aroma coffee lovers would love to smell.

While it is Batangas that is known for their coffee, Negros too has a lot of coffee trees bearing high quality coffee cherries for your cup. The highlands of the island is very much suitable for coffee cultivation especially near the fertile slopes of Mt. Kanlaon. A lot of coffee shops in Bacólod brand their coffee as Batangas coffee but truth be told that sometimes, some of those are not from Batangas at all but are locally grown. People often mistaken the strong local native coffee to that liberica variety that is commonly known as the Kape Barako. Coffee cherries and beans are mostly of the arabica and robusta species, with some liberica, but some local species have been reported too but are not being used for commercial farming. If you think you have had it all with Bacólod by just tasting piaya and inasal, think again. You might as well try our local coffee that is worthy of being a pride of Negros Island.




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