The Hacienda Correspondent: Café 1925

The Philippine Blog Awards Visayas was an astounding success and the Negros Bloggers was still up for the challenge. I suggested that we go to the famed Café 1925 and discover that churros that is the talk of the blogosphere. On the way there, Silay Resident and Negros Blogger Doc Maritel of Silay Heritage talked about the history of various ancestral houses around. For a Silaynon, this is just something usual but for a “manul” like me and an outsider, this is a unique experience I should relish. The very street that Café 1925 is located is a historical one with friendly but politically-rival families live as neighbors. Unlike other ancestral houses in other cities, the ones in Silay are still liveable and with some of the families still living there.

Café 1925 is a quaint café built from the kitchen of a lovely ancestral house with which the café’s name suggest was built in 1925. Silay City kitchens are showcases in the most unique of Negrénse culinary scenes. Even in the Negrénse culinary arts scene, good food is a seal of excellence from the Paris of Negros. Just as cultural and heritage performances are best seen in this city, the food is also best seen here. Doc Maritel talked of a great lumpia place with the kitchen as the store plus cooking exhibit. From that same kitchen culture sprang Café 1925, taking pride in being one of the home-cooked tasting café’s in the city. We all know home-cooked foods are one of the best so we entered into a lovely place with some few tables set for us.

The bloggers had a little chit chat on the recently concluded Blog Awards with some of the plans for tomorrow and the next events we will be organizing. It was nice to see all of the Negros Bloggers in our “uniform” tailor-made with an embroidered logo. Our side of the table seems to have a big shout out of “Bloggers in the house… and very hungry for good food.” As expected, your Hacienda Correspondent is very much eager to document everything. Looking at the menu but restricted by the fact that I will eat out with my cousin for his birthday, I ordered a bowl of Pancit Molo. Remember my previous entry on Pancit Molo for the taste testing in Bob’s Makati? I have a hunch that this will be another unique treat in waiting.

Atty. Eli was the first to have his meal which earned a happy smile from him. A good treat after a tiring day is a good way indeed to relax and unwind. Not long after, our orders began to stream as well. For a quaint café, more customers entered the place to have their late afternoon snack or even their early dinner treats. You can just have the sense that Café 1925 is not just something you would try just to satisfy your curiosity, it is something that you go with about everyday. This café is just beginning to entice me in being their regular customer when in Silay. After a short wait, my order of Pancit Molo arrived in a small bowl, or rather giant mug.

For those who have been following my blogs especially on my previous comment on the Pancit Molo of Bob’s Makati, no Pancit Molo is made alike even in Molo, Iloilo City itself. Each family has a recipe heirloom inherited from the previous generation and this is also the same in some ways in Silay City since some of the hacienderos came from Molo too. While my previous Pancit Molo borders on shrimpy taste, this one is more on the fishy side. Though chicken is the best guess on the chunky bits in the soup aside from the wanton, I sense some fish components but I might be wrong too but nevertheless the taste impressed me. I would have wanted to taste churros that I haven’t tasted yet but unfortunately, it was strangely not available at that time.

Just near my side of the table, I spotted a crab met sandwich with a lettuce salad side dish. My best hunch is that the lettuce came from the organic farm of Fresh Start not far away from Silay City’s downtown area which will be one of the next subjects of my series. Our meal was a hearty one and I am much contented which Café 1925 was able to convince me to go back here and try some more, God-willing for Christmas. For those scheduled to fly in the nearby airport, I suggest trying to go to this café to unwind before continuing on to bustling Bacólod. Café 1925 is rich in heritage and full of artistry which will give your little get-togethers a good taste of what Silay City is really made of.


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