Your Story Made Special with Leo Vision

Searching for a good documentary online about Silay City, I found a comprehensive video detailing a story about Silay’s origins and how it prospered as a cultural center of Negros Occidental. The video is by Leo Vision, a photo-video service based in the City of Bacólod. Apart from the Silay City Documentary, I also found tourism documentary videos of the Cities of Sipalay and Kabankalan which not only satisfies the eyes but hunger for learning. This is a wonderful contribution of Leo Vision in the land that nurtured their business. Leo Vision is not primarily a history and/or documentary-making enterprise but a business, a business of capturing your moments special.

Originally, the company was established as a home-based photo-video business by Gary Lake Manzanida Liza. His touch in video and photography runs in his family since his father, George R. Liza, was in charge of the video presentations in the TV Station of RPN-8 in Bacólod. If you are curious of why the name “Leo”, that is because Leo is the zodiac sign of Gary Lake and is proverbial since the company tops among the jungle of photo-video services in the market. The company specializes in the following services:

  1. Digital Wedding Photography
  2. Digital Wedding Video Coverage
  3. Pre Nuptial/Post Nuptial Photography
  4. Same-Day-Edit
  5. Onsite Editing
  6. AVP (Slideshow of Photos)
  7. AVP (Slideshow of photos with interview and location shoot)
  8. Portrait Studio Set-up at the Reception
  9. Photography (Children’s Party/Baptismal/Party Events/Interment)

“Your moments, your story, your legacy of life on photograph and video…” is their mission but they not only capture your moments but make these moments special and lasting. A quick look in their YouTube and Facebook niches reveal a lot of quality videos and images that will be a delight with your special someone. Leo Vision is not just like any other video services, it is a trusted name not just locally but nationwide with a number of big conglomerations and famous personalities seeking their specialized services. To name a few, among the companies and entities they have serviced are:

  1. Victorias Milling Company (AVP’s and documentaries)
  2. Negros Navigation, Philippine Sugar Technology
  3. Philippine Centennial Celebration in Cebu
  4. Sarabia Optical Centennial Celebration(AVP)
  5. St. Rafael Development Corporation (TV commercials)
  6. Colegio de San Agustin-Bacolod
  7. Office of the Congressman Charlie Cojuanco (documentaries)
  8. Ms. Masskara Pageants from year 1996-1998 to year 2000-2002 organized by the Masskara Foundation

Their team are experts in the field so you are assured of quality services for your story to tell. You may reach them via Tel. Nos. (034) 434-2643, 707-2360, 476-2067; Mobile: 09209190371/09208770139 or Email:; Leo Vision is a silver sponsor of the Philippine Blog Awards Visayas in Silay City and will be covering the whole event on Saturday, November 12, 2011, 2pm.


The author’s entry was posted in the website of Negros Bloggers.


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