Live Fresh With Fresh Start Organics

In a world that is beginning to be health conscious, organic products have seen an increasing demand. The Provincial Government of Negros Occidental led a call for a widespread organic farming to make Negros Island the organic food bowl of Asia. This call did not go unheard for a company started up with a selection of organic products that answers needs from food, beauty and household cleaning. I first heard of Fresh Start Organics last Negros Trade Fair when the Association of Negros Producers launched their organic products in line with the province’s initiative. The ones in charge for the booth of Fresh Start was kind enough to entertain my queries with a matching cup of coffee. No good-mannered Negrénse gentleman can ever refuse a good cup of coffee especially when its a good one. My first taste with Fresh Start’s coffee is the famous Mt. Kanlaon Blend which the province used to be known for but brought back alive by Fresh Start. This Mt. Kanlaon blend is 60% arabica and 40% robusta which is mild in coffee standards but very aromatic with the mountain and organically grown arabica beans. What caught my taste is the Negrénse Native Coffee which is purely robusta beans. If you are a coffe lover, you would most probably recognize robusta as a potent blend of caffeine goodness. No matter how strong it is though, Fresh Start’s muscovado was able to tame the taste.

Complimenting their coffe products are the numerous selection of jams like calamansi, passionfruit, yacon, purple yam, sweet potatoes, mango and many more fruits organically grown in their farm at Silay City. These fruits grow well and are rich in flavor since no chemicals were added with the cooler climate, being situated on the mountain foothills. Their free taste of jams included a selection of breads and crisps made of the usual wheat to the innovative carrots and sweet potatoes. Among those I found on their bottled fruit selection is the sour fruit called batwan. Batwan is a rare treat in Manila but very much abundant in the Visayas area but it is only in Negros where this fruit is used extensively. This type of mangosteen is hard to grow in some climates which may be the reason to its rareness in Metropolitan Manila. Negrénses use batwan as a souring agents in our various cuisines like cansi, sinigang and a lot more food too many to detail. The curious twist to their organic products is their line of beauty products which goes well with the never failing principle that natural is always the most beautiful. An even stranger fare is their line of kitchen cleaners that I only encountered at Fresh Start. To satisfy your curiosity or to fill your needs of organic products, you may contact them at (034) 441-1490. Fresh Start is a silver sponsor for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Visayas in Silay City.


The author’s entry was posted in the website of Negros Bloggers.


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