Merci’s I Love Bacólod Launch Rocked Electric Masskara

Inset: The mysterious Merci Man giving away freebies.

The Electric Masskara 2011 may have already ended but the party just got started for those who love the classic Bacólod pasalubong and sweet delicacies. Last October 14 to 15, 2011, C.M. & Sons Food Products, Inc.  launched the I Love Bacólod campaign under their brand Merci Pasalubong Treats. The whole of Lacson Street Tourism Strip was bathed in a sea of yellow, red and white, the characteristic colors of Merci Pasalubong and their new campaign as they gave out free  t-shirts, twistable fans and key chains. The mysterious yellow Merci Man footwalked his way along the Tourism Strip as he posed for photos and gave away free campaign souvenirs, much to the delight of the revelers.

Inset: A reveler receives a free t-shirt courtesy of Merci.

More than that, Merci treated the Electric Masskara merrymakers with stage shows, games, prizes, free giveaways and free food pasalubong packs. Knowing that the good looking Bacoleños and Bacoleñas love to pose with their sweet big smiles, Merci also posted two photo walls with pictures snapped and given for free. Merci was the only local company who organized a stage show in the Lacson Street Tourism Strip in their commitment to the Bacoleños and their thanksgiving to the people who patronized their products. In fact, it was one of the biggest party event around town that lasted the whole night until dawn.

Inset: The host Femmy Lee Magbanua with the First Beat Effect after their performance.

The thousands who streamed in the area is a proof of the local people’s love for Merci’s firm footing in the minds, hearts and the palate. Merci featured performances by local artists such as the Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Finalist and Bacolod Dancesport Pride Neilbeth and Semi-Finalist beatboxers First Beat Effect. Local bands like Outplay Band and Aire Band performed for the jam packed crowd along the corner of Lacson and 13th Streets. Lacson Street Party was one highlight of the festival which party goers danced all night and filled the streets to the brim. Merci satisfied the love to party by locals and tourists alike.

Inset: Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Finalist Neilbeth showcasing the local talent.

With all the revelry and parties, why Merci Pasalubong chose I Love Bacólod as its new campaign slogan? Bacolod may not be known for its unique tourism spots but the locals’ warm hospitality is known far and wide.  Hospitality does mean only mean smiles for which the city is known for but the good food. Being the capital of Negros Occidental, the country’s sugar-producing province, tasty treats are in the imprint of good food. With only less than a decade since it first opened, nothing beats Merci Pasalubong Treats as the leading local brand that brings the best of Bacólod from their state of the art commissary to your dining tables. Now, Merci Pasalubong Treats boasts of seventy one products including your classic piaya and tarts.

Inset: Piaya lovers battle it out with the event's Piaya-Eating Contest.

The city’s affinity with food stretches throughout its rich and colorful history. This is the very heart of Merci’s I Love Bacólod especially with their finest selection of pasalubong treats. Merci Pasalubong Treats embodies the sweet and sabor manamit or delicious taste that the company takes pride on. A gift of pasalubong treats from Merci would be the best showcase of Bacólod’s high-class hospitality and food. Merci encourages everyone to “take a Little of Bacólod with you” everytime you bring a box of Merci Pasalubong wherever you go. For your convenience, Merci Pasalubong Treats even has a pasalubong center just outside the pre-departure area of Bacólod-Silay International Airport for those in a hurry yet want to still savor Bacólod in their destination of choice.

Inset: Warm smiles as they pose with a Masskara Dancer complete with costume.

Ever wonder why they chose the color red for their campaign logo with an arc beneath? Red is a warm color symbolizing the Bacoleño’s never-ending hospitality while the arc symbolizes the smiles that will greet you as you visit the city. Merci’s I Love Bacólod now has an online presence in Facebook complete with pictures from the recently-concluded festivities and will be launching their interactive website soon. I Love Bacólod website’s hyperlink will be posted soon in this website’s sidebar, just look for that red smiling logo. Watch out for their fun advertisements as well, soon to be aired on TV while watching your favorite shows or on radio while listening to your favorite commentaries.

Inset: The Outplay Band giving away free Merci twistable fans.

The fun does not end there since Merci will be giving out free twistable fans for every P500 worth of purchase and  a free t-shirt for every P1,500 worth of purchase at their SM City Bacólod Branch located at the North Wing side of the mall. SM City Bacólod is conveniently located near the Public Plaza and the Downtown Area. You would never regret spending as much as P1,500 since Merci still has the 10% Travel Discount Promo. All you need to do is present your airplane, boat or bus tickets at any branch and you can automatically avail of your 10% discount. What are you waiting for? Come and visit the sights, wonders and hospitality of Bacólod City and take home a little of Bacólod with Merci Pasalubong Treats “sabor manamit”.


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