A Blast of Cinco de Noviembre at Historic Silay

Inset: A demonstration of the events during the Cinco de Noviembre.

Many would be familiar with Cinco de Mayo, a holiday celebrated in the United States and Puebla, Mexico but not many of us would be familiar or another Cinco, Cinco de Noviembre. Cinco de Noviembre, a popular name for the November 5 Revolution, was the day when Negrénse revolutionaries ousted the Spanish authorities led by Governor Isidro de Castro. The Negrénse revolutionaries were only armed with a few Mauser or Remington rifles, fake rifles made of tree branches and fake cannons made of rolled up sawali. It was an exhibition of cunning and well-thought tactics. All these were planned in Silay City, in the Farmacia Locsin. As the revolution unfolded, the Spanish Garrison in Silay was taken and the flag of the Revolutionaries was raised in the Garrison.

Inset: The flag of the Revolucionarios and later, the República Cantonal de Negros.

Very timely that this will be my one hundredth post since on November 5, 2011, one hundred thirteen years after the Cinco de Noviembre Revolution, the City Government of Silay will organize an event remembering the fateful day. Silay City is one of the most important places in the history of the revolution since it was here that the Revolutionary leaders planned the Revolution and it is where it all started. At 8am, the people of Silay City will gather at the Cinco de Noviembre Street near the historic marker to retrace the steps that led to the freedom of the Island.

Inset: The historic marker at the Cinco de Noviembre Street.

The mass of people will march towards the City Plaza, near where the Garrison was, for the culmination of the festivities – barrio fiesta style! The guests will be treated to a food and delicacy festival featuring the uniquely native foods of Silay which surely everyone would have their fill. While feasting on your guapple pie from El Ideal or your various suman from local cooks, everyone will also be treated to a cultural show featuring the best of Silay’s talents. There will also be fun and games for the kids and adults alike to sweat out the added calories from your tasty foods.

Inset: The photo of San Diego Pro-cathedral clock tower courtesy of the Silay City Government.

In the afternoon, various drum and bugle corps bands will battle it out on a competition parade from the City’s Main Street to the City Plaza where the competition will culminate. For those who dream of seeing bright fireworks in the backdrop of European-inspired ancestral houses and the Italianate-designed San Diego Pro-cathedral, the evening fireworks is for you. These European-inspired structures is what earned Silay the nickname “Paris of Negros”. Silay City itself is the host city for the Bacólod-Silay International Airport which is only a few kilometers from the City Center. Come and experience the finest of Negrénse culture that is Silay City!


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