Celebrate Special Days at Sambokojin

Sundays are always special days but this one was more special since a friend of mine, Millie Tan, celebrated her 18th Birthday yesterday at Sambokojin in EDSA Greenhills. I love Japanese and Yakiniku’s are my fancy fare. A receptionist greeted me at the door and asked for my reservations. After a bit of courtesies, I was led upstairs to where the action is. There were finely arranged tables with people seated at their designated places. At first, I had no plans of blogging about Sambokojin but when I saw good food, I saw opportunity. Each table has a griller that is known to be smokeless and much effective in cooking your grilled food. There was a fanfare with appetizers which I almsot ignored if not suggested by the manager. My first stop was the sushi bar.

I usually go to a Japanese restaurant near UA&P in Ortigas Center, spending P300 just to satisfy my Japanese cravings with a full set meal but this one got me excited. Its eat all you can and all you want selection of sashimi and sushi! Sake and maguro sashimi are my usual favorites but I also got to try other selections of sushi too. My tongue tingled at the taste of wasabi, maybe I guess because I missed that taste so much. Since sake sashimi is my personal favorite for its sweetness, I got a second batch of it. After some pleasantries with the sashimi I missed so much, I got into grilled food.

There were seafood among the selections for Yakiniku and since I am fond of shrimps, those were the first ones I took and grilled. At home, my dad and my younger brother are allergic to prawns and shrimps so its a no-no but here, I am free. Rarely do I eat it at home so pardon my over-fondness with shrimp. I also got other selections like squid, tons of salmon for the sweet flesh, tuna and the proverbial eel. Shrimp, salmon and eel I ate with much gusto while I fancied on squid and tuna. Couple them with sauce selections like spicy sauce, teriyaki sauce or any other of your preference, you are on the go.

I tried their selection of beef and mushrooms as well. Though I am more of a seafood person as of the present, I love mushrooms and beef so why not both in one setting? I love the mushrooms covered with beef which I grilled medium rare, my preference. The beef is juicy with the crunch provided by the mushrooms too. Reminds me much of that hotpot of mushrooms, greens and beef I made a year ago. As long as beef is fresh, I’d like to do my magic with it.

Dave Pagulayan arrived in the middle of our grilling and he got some ebi fry too, some sashimi and beef to grill. I got my second and third servings of the yakiniku. Cooking the food myself in a restaurant satisfies me so much for I love cooking. Reminds me of Pala-Pala Market scenes back home where I buy the seafood and some resto cooks it for us. Why not have a cook it yourself restaurant where you’ll only pay for using the equipments and some other recados to go with the seafood?

After all that heavy shelling of my stomach, I got into dessert finally. My first selection of fruits wasn’t really much since pineapples and jade watermelons are quite an ordinary fare. My province grows pineapples and green-skinned watermelons organically which I experienced eating picked fresh. The pastries though are interesting since the sweetness is not overpowering considering that I’ve tasted somewhere many of those that is served in other caterings, perhaps except apple cake with cashew.

Dré Dizon got her share of the pastry treats too. I am usually fond of chocolate cakes but I have to pass for now since I tasted one of the best chocolate cakes just a few days ago. By the looks of it and a little bite I had, this one will appease your palate for sweets. Didn’t I mention there was ice cream too? I went there to see what magic can my hands do.

What I like most about Sambokojin’s dessert is those that I can customize myself. The artistic mind plays still even if we are talking about food here. They had oreo, chocolate and marshmallow sprinkles to complement your ice cream while there was chocolate fondue to coat your apple slices with chocolate. Why limit your imagination, right? I put some chocolate fondue on my ice cream and topped it with an apple slice. Pretty fancy if you ask me and one enjoyable treat.

Why settle for one cup of ice cream if you can have two? This time, I got to customize your average mocha ice cream to actually have chocolate sprinkles, melted chocolate and your mini-chocolate chip cookie one top. This is sugar overload for those I asked but what’s bad with having that once in a while? I guess this is the best way to finish the dinner, I had my fill to the brim of the stomach. If you ask me, this is worth it since the host spent close to P600 each for our dinner. I enjoyed dinner very much with friends for the very special day of this very special friend of mine. For those in the Quezon City area, there is also another branch in the Eastwood City if you want to treat your friends and family in the most special way too.



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