Kitchen Art Exhibit at the Negros Museum

Inset: The Home of the Negros Museum, Inc.

Negros Museum is the Island’s foremost museum showcasing the history, culture and heritage of the Island of Negros. For some, history, culture or heritage are only those they see in history books, museum exhibits or cultural centers but heritage is more than the old, its about the living. For that matter, a living heritage that is very much ingrained in the culture. For the past 13 years, Negrense food enthusiasts have gathered together at the Balay Negrense Museum every 5th of November to share a gustatory experience in line with our observance of the “Cinco de Noviembre” Celebration in Silay City. Cinco de Noviembre is the day when Negrénse revolutionaries revolted against the Spanish rulers in Bacólod and gave birth to the República de Negros, the namesake of this website. History goes that the revolutionary leaders fooled the Spaniards into surrendering by painting sticks to look like rifles and rolled sawali matts to look as if they’re cannons. This must have been a formidable sight to the Spanish residents. What a momentary commemoration than a feast in the house that became the icon of Negros.

Inset: The Balay Negrénse, Gaston Ancestral House in Silay City.

One of our foremost Filipino heritage food is the ever famous adobo. Filipinos here and abroad know this dish, with many having their own recipe. The “Adobo Festival” which features an Adobo Cooking Competition has been a testimony of our mark as Filipinos – adobo being a dish prepared by our ancestors long before the Chinese traders came to the Philippines and the Spaniards colonized us. Now on our 14th year, the Negros Cultural Foundation once again brings together culinary experts, cooking aficionados and budding chefs to challenge to come up with new tastes for this tried and tested Filipino dish. To add to the excitement, we also celebrate the 6th year of the Muscovado Cooking competition which has produced a rich harvest of recipes using muscovado sugar as main ingredient. Muscovado sugar has long been a product of Negros and in fact our first sugar exports to Europe and in the United States were actually muscovado sugar. Before things have been mechanized, muscovado is cooked in the backyard or in dirty kitchens with some families having secret recipe in cooking their unique blend of muscovado.

Inset: Market Manila's experience with "kulon" cooking of adobo.

On the other hand, there will be an exhibit entitled Kitchen Art Exhibit in celebration of food. The Kitchen Art Exhibit is an exhibit that aims to support, encourage, inspire, and expose the flexibility and artistry of our local Negrense Artists. This exhibit also aims to help raise funds for Balay Negrense and Negros Museum, two icons of Negrénse heritage showcase and heritage preservation. Local artists will have chance to showcase their talents and for the audience to see the art pieces that will enhance their kitchen as well as collect artworks. Exhibits will be for sale after the event and exhibit duration. The Kitchen Art Exhibit is open to all local Negrense Artists of any medium like painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media or any form of recognized art medium.

Inset: The location of Negros Museum in Google Earth.

The Negros Museum will accept all kinds of artworks but it should comply within the context of the Kitchen Art Exhibit, with which artwork should be suitable for the kitchen, kitchen equipments or materials can be utilized, maximum size for the two dimensional artworks should not exceed 18”x24” including frame or for sculptures or any three dimensional works, it should not exceed 1ft x 1ft x 1ft. The price range for the product should be in the range of Php 5 – Php 5, 000.00. Deadline of submission is on October 21, 2011 at the Negros Museum in Gatuslao Street, Bacólod City, just beside the Hall of Justice. The artist interested should make sure the following are completed like the complete information of the artwork, including the name, dimensions, price, title and medium, Memorandum of Agreement on exhibit range, the artists biography with forms from the Negros Museum with ID picture and Certificate of Authenticity. The participants are also reminded that all Artworks are subject for screening. However, if the artist does not want his/her artwork to be displayed longer on the Balay Negrense or in the Negros Museum, the artist may claim their artwork a week after the November 5 event with their claim stab otherwise, the art pieces will be displayed on December until the end of the month in the Negros Museum.


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