We love CHICKS

Inset: The lovely beach of Sipalay City as taken by Artistic Diving Resort.

Intrigued by my seemingly controversial statement, don’t you? Well I may like seeing beautiful girls pass by while I drink coffee at Starbucks but the CHICKS I mean here are intials of the towns in the Sixth Legislative District of Negros Occidental namely Candoni, Hinobaan, Ilog, Cauayan, Kabankalan and Sipalay. The CHICKS Area is one blessed district in Negros Occidental for having the stunning but untouched beaches that can compare or even rival Boracay. Unspoiled by much of modernity, these beaches give you the comfort and nature feel. One of the component cities, Sipalay is dubbed as the Jewel of Negros for being home to countless resorts but I must say, CHICKS Area is one fine string of jewels in the neck of Negros Occidental. Kabankalan City, a component city of CHICKS Area is the second city of Negros Occidental for being the second most prosperous city after the capital Bacólod City and may soon be the province’s next Highly-Urbanized City complete with its own Domestic Aiport in three years time.

Inset: A Count's Palace? No, that is the City Hall of Kabankalan.

All of these were unimaginable in just two decades ago when insurgents used to overran the CHICKS Area. The Town of Candoni, especially in Tablas Valley was overran with insurgents while Highly-Urbanized City-Candidate Kabankalan, only merely a town two decades ago as well, was the scene of murder and mayhem. Most of the people living in the squalid squatters areas in Magsungay, Bacólod City came from CHICKS Area to escape the bloodshed. That was the past that the CHICKS Area faced not too long ago but by the looks of what it is now, it seems all those never happened. The tourism industry is now booming in the area with investors looking for investments even in the hinterlands of Candoni or in the open spaces of Kabankalan. Your version of Wild Wild West in Southern Negros is no more and now what you have is a boomtown with a potential to become a bustling metropolis in the near future. It is but proper to celebrate the miraculous story of the CHICKS Area.

Inset: Neg. Occ. Sixth District Rep. Ched Alvarez. Lovely shot by fellow blogger Anton Manso.

Early yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from Congw. Ched Alvarez of the Sixth District of Negros Occidental about an event in the CHICKS Area organized by her office and other CHICKS Area LGU’s. Congw. Alvarez was a sponsor of the Skyscrapercity and Bloggers Fellowship last September 30 in Rockwell Tent. The event she mentioned was the one named WE LOVE CHICKS 2011, a celebration of life, peace and progress in the CHICKS Area and how they rose from poverty to an example of Negrénse ingenuity. Thought provoking but undoubtedly interesting, right? On October 22, 2011, the lovely Sipalay City also known as the Jewel of Negros will host the activities for this event. Slated for an early morning activity at 6:30am is a fun run entitled RUN FOR CHICKS which will have three categories from 3k, 5k and 10k. The registration is free by the way and winners will cash prizes. In the afternoon at 3pm, the men and women of CHICKS Area will showcase their strength in the Amateur Boxing Competition. Evenings will be party time for the people with Live Bands playing for a beach party with a matching fireworks display. Curious much on the secret of the CHICKS Area? Join the event and discover the lovely CHICKS of Negros Occidental.


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