Merci: An Icon of Bacóleño’s Success

Growing up in Bacólod City, one of the everyday activities was to buy bread for your morning meals. There are lots of local bakeries in the city with two bigs ones with a particular note on Merci Bakeshop. When I was studying in Bacólod Tay Tung High School, I would remember going with my parents to buy bread at their pioneer store in Libertad or grab some quick merienda. The fast service and budget meals made me love Merci all the more. Even as I went to Manila to study college, Merci became a part of my everyday journey for since they opened a Pasalubong Store branch in Bacólod-Silay International Airport, they made my shopping for pasalubong easy since they are conveniently located inside the Pre-departure Area and has a 10% discount on travelers.

Merci was a family business in 1995 with the name derived from the French of “Thank You” perhaps for the gratefulness. Merci is the market brand of CM & Sons Food Products. Merci Bakeshop was a small bakery then that had a puesto in Libertad Market that cater to the local’s need for bread daily. Soon, they found a market for a fastfood line in which not only can customers enjoy their bread while chatting with friends but also savor delicious but affordable treats on the go.

Merci diversified its business in 2003 and ventured into water bottling like Merci Purified Drinking Water and Vitalife Purified Drinking Water to complement its food line with quality drinking water. Merci Pasalubong Treats was launched by CM & Sons in January 2005 to cater to the ever growing tourist and balikbayan that regularly flock the Province of Negros Occidental. The new product line was a resounding success because of high-quality products and the 10% discount for travelers that I regularly avail.

Merci Bakeshop, Merci Pasalubong Treats, Merci Purified Drinking Water and Vitalife Purified Drinking Water produced by CM & Sons Food Products, Inc. received the Dynamic Growth (Model Entrepreneur) Award presented by the Metro Bacólod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) in its Achievement Awards for 2011 at L’Fisher Hotel, Bacólod City last September 17, 2011. Vice-President Binay was there to give the award to Mr. Jonathan Lo, President and CEO of CM & Sons Food Products, Inc.

The success of the Merci Brand can be attributed to the fact that they have faith in the local market. Their successful marketing, investment in quality advertising and rapid expansion plans have contributed to their growth. Merci production line is carefully monitored and controlled at their production plant in Hervias Village II, Bacolod City to ensure that each product adheres to strict high-quality standards. Last month, Negros Bloggers was blessed to have been invited in their factory compound to see how products are made, savored some treats and brought home a pasalubong pack.

Merci now has 24 branches in Negros Occidental with two more opening this year: one in La Carlota City, Negros Occidental and another at the Iloilo Airport. In 16 years, Merci has delivered quality food products and water in its 99 outlets and dealerships in Negros, Panay and Cebú Islands, plus cities of Tagaytay, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga. Merci can also be found in Metro Manila and is exported to the USA, Canda and other parts of the world.


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