Woods and Twist: Excellent Furnitures from Generation to Generation

Yesterday, at the last day of the Negros Trade Fair, I was able to interview the owner of Woods and Twist whose booth is just beside Nong Jojo Vito. Her booth actually caught my attention since I love everything that is wood. The owner, Liezel Alanes, was busy that day with numerous orders and inquiries but she gave me a bit of her time for the interview. Because of the lack of seats, I sat on the display table which I was hesitant at first since I am heavy and I might break the furniture but sureness in her face gave me an assurance. Who would know the sturdiness of the furniture than the owner, right? So I gave it a try.

What do you know? Even with my full weight, I did not hear a single creak! The display table held my weight perfectly. According to her, she inherited the passion in the furniture business from her Mom whom she helped much with when she was young. In her grade school days, she would go to their store right after her school just to help. No doubt, this passion that her Mom so ingrained in her helped her in reaching where she is right now. At first, she did not intend to enter the furniture business for she liked fashion design but with her Mom’s convincing, she was able to establish her own furniture business.

Woods and Twist was intended to make use of hardwood and metal accents for the furnitures as twists, hence the name. Her furnitures use different kinds of wood depending on the customer’s request but the two most utilized one are narra, the national tree, and mahogany which is cheap yet having a nice hue but durable. She joined the Association of Negros Producers in 2004 and opened a small 30sqm. shop along Lacson Street. However, in just three years, she moved to a bigger 100sqm. shop in 1st cor. Lacson Street, Bacolod City. It was a step of faith for her since she would now have to fill the spaces with more furniture products. Nevertheless, she was able to market her products successfully and often, her buyers would buy in bulk.

Most of her buyers are from the Visayas-Mindanao area with a significant number within Negros Island with Cebu and Davao having a big share. Her share of Manila customers are often those she meet from the Negros Trade Fair which she joined since 2009. Her Rockwell customers are amazed by the durability and style of the furnitures albeit very cheap for the high-quality material. The interview lasted about more than half an hour and the table has shown no signs of damage from my heavy weight. She even quipped that the furnitures would not be damaged even if you stand and jump on it. That is how durable the wood materials are and how it is crafted. I ended the interview amazed and convinced about the durability of the furnitures for I tried sitting on one myself. If you are contemplating on buying durable furnitures, I recommend this one. For those interested, you may contact Woods and Twist at (034) 432-0311 or if you find yourself in Bacólod, you may visit their shop at Door 1&2 El Court Bldg., 1st cor. Lacson Sts., Bacólod City. The shop also accepts made to order furniture and has a free interior consultation for Negros residents only.


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