Saturn Arts and Fashion: A Story of Success

While going around the booths of the Negros Trade Fair, I chanced upon a booth named Saturn Arts and Fashion. The Vice-President of the Association of Negros Producers, Mr. Jojo Vito, a fellow Negros Blogger was talking to the owner. He introduced me to the owner, Saturnina Cautivar. You might already guess why the name Saturn for the enterprise, right? Just as the planet The enterprise of Saturn Arts and Fashion has been a resounding high success for the past few years. For one, among those sold in her booth are fashion designer bags made of banig! The bags are of varying sizes and shapes, asking for durability, it is quite durable and can coax with the local weather. Just as we thought banig is just a sleeping mat made of reeds, it can also be used to manufacture such works of art. Apart from the bags, she also sells wallets, trays and candy bowls and the few.

The story of Saturn Arts and Fashion runs as high as the planet Saturn itself up in the heavens. Ms. Saturnina did share a bit of history with her handicrafts. She started as a rank and file employee of the Association of Negros Producers Showroom in Lacson St., Bacólod City right from its founding circa 22 years ago. From her experience as an employee in the ANP Showroom, she got a hand on how the handicraft business work. Seeing the profit that can be garnered through handicraft making, she resigned from ANP Showroom, got a micro-finance loan and started up a business herself which she accredited with ANP itself. From a simple employee who manages the displays, her own handiwork is now being displayed the Showroom where she used to work. Every Negros Trade Fair in Rockwell, she even lands on a consistent Top 10 Net Grosser among the ANP Producers. Her products are only available in the ANP Showroom in Lacson St. but it is available in Manila in the time being for the Negros Trade Fair. The Negros Trade Fair opened yesterday at Rockwell Tent, Makati City and will run until Oct.2, 2011, Sunday.


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