Social Issue, Faith and Family Life

Two days ago, my family especially me and Dad had a little talk on the RH Bill. This conspired because he reminded me of the upcoming debate on the RH Bill in ABS-CBN’s Harapan Debate. More than the logical and statistical issues being debated on the RH issue, we also talked about the spiritual implications of the bill and how it goes for us followers of Christ. In the course of our conversation, he mentioned a verse from the Bible. He was not able to cite which passage it came from but I looked it up in and found it in 1 Timothy 5:8. I quote from the New American Standard Bible and it says…

8But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

He was actually making a point in the Roman Catholic denial on the hardships of families below the poverty line that subsists in less than a dollar a day in feeding five or more children. For the Roman Catholic sentimentalists on the RH Bill, it seems that it is okay for the family to starve to death as long as they do not use artificial means to plan their family. They do not take into consideration the fact that Apostle Paul himself exhorts Pastor Timothy that failing to provide for the family is worse than being an infidel or unbeliever! The Roman Catholic clerics threaten shame or excommunication on their parishioners if they used artificial family control methods from their so-called Papal declarations but have forsaken Scriptural exhortations, driving their own parishioners unknowingly to an apostatizing kind of sin just suit their man-made philosophy.

As I have mentioned in the article before this, I have taken note that family planning and population control falls under the plan of God. God had that in his mind for he knew that time would come that human population will grow to an unmanageable level if that is not so. He also had 1 Timothy 5:8 included in Scripture because he also knew that some group of people will try to forsake the family in the name of fallible man-made declarations. These anti-RH sentimentalists claim to be pro-Family but in the end they are actually blatantly anti-Family!

These anti-RH sentimentalist often cite this or that saintly publication, papal declaration or even Scriptures to justify their own ideas! My word for you guys is that before you believe them, reference with Scripture first. The Bible is not just a “religious text” but a guide in everyday living. Not only should you check their statements through the eyes of Scriptures but I also encourage for you to check mine as well! Man-made philosophies will always be fallacious but as Matthew 24:35 says…

35“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”

My final word is this, when you look to a certain issue especially if it has spiritual implications, look at it in all four sides. We often nitpick on things that are popular and vocal yet we fail to look at them in its whole context. Don’t be misinformed but rather look at it with open eyes,sound mind and a healthy spirit.


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