The Beacon

As has been most common for me, I have been sleeping past wee hours of morning and wake up at around 12 to 1 in the afternoon. It was my daily ritual I have been following since summer came. Things have rather been dramatic for me and complicated since the start of this week with my emotions turbo-charged. Yesterday afternoon was just one of the usual days which I get dressed and go to Ortigas to tutor a Korean high school girl in Basic Mandarin. Skipping the usual bus ride to Ortigas, I cut my ride short to the MRT Station and boarded the train. It was a peaceful afternoon with not much people and a rather quiet atmosphere. I immediately grabbed a seat nearest the train doors before settling down quietly. The train’s inboard speakers rang the usual advertisements but one particular commercial played songs rather than advertisement. I fail to remember the titles or the complete lines of the song for I was sleepy but I remember lines along the way…

North Avenue – “…we shall find healing in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah!”

Quezon Avenue – “…your tears shall never be in vain…”

Kamuning – “…though letting go is the hardest part…”

Araneta Center – “…but never give up on love…”

“Was this your way of telling me Lord of your love for me?”, I thought. My thoughts are fading away and I was beginning to see the sights around me in a rather interesting way. I looked at a family seated in front of me while the children were in all smiles as their father was caressing them. In a corner, I saw an old lady talk to a younger lady while trying to notice the view of buildings from afar. I cannot help but remember my mother’s kind words before I left home. In the midst of all these uncertainties that I am now facing again, I finally see a glimmer of hope. This is not as much as the hope that everything I enjoyed in the recent past will be restored but rather the hope that the future holds something better for me.

Alighted the train, I walked calmly to my destination. “When was the last time I spent time thinking not of someone but of the thoughts of hope?”, I just thought. I cannot imagine that just a couple of days ago, I was experiencing a jolt of disgust at someone I once cared and loved. At that moment I realized that there are many more things I life I need to know. Stumbling blocks come along the way not as much as to harm but rather to teach a lesson. Lessons are never taught to apply immediately but rather start a process to which one matures and realizes one’s culpability yet never fears to stand up.

As I look ahead, I see more storms and waves that sometimes are caused by my own short-sighted self. There in the edge of a rough sea stands a beacon which emits its light to guide those who sojourn. While the rough seas shake my thought, I never fail to see that beacon shining ever stronger and will ever be as long as I am lost in the way.


About Mark Mayo - Magallanes

MARK MAYO - MAGALLANES – blogger by passion, cook by hobby, student by life, theater actor by fate, writer by work, and Christian by grace. Part Filipino, Chinese and Spanish by blood, he is proudly 100% Negrénse. His love for his home Island of Negros, heritage and lifestyle has led him to write much about it and full-time, all-time. View all posts by Mark Mayo - Magallanes

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