Broken Hearts Anonymous

In my encounter with people who work for support groups, I noticed that there are a lot. There’s a support group for alcoholics, drug addicts, suicidal people, etc. Much of these groups have been helping on specific fields which has been becoming typical in a society that is fast paced and increasingly indifferent. Of all things, I have never seen a support group for heartbroken people; those who have undergone or undergoing heartbreaks and are reeling the emotional effects that seem to cling on and not go away. As I was thinking if there are any support groups out there who minister to that special need, I cannot help but think of what if I will put up that group together myself?

For being someone who is still experiencing the emotional torment that a heartbreak has caused, I cannot help by empathize with other people who are undergoing the same experience as I am in. I cannot deny that I am just one case and there are many others out there that has a worse experience that I have undergone with. Brokenhearted people are the most prone to judgement and misunderstanding. Looking at how I reacted to certain events that has transpired for the past few days, I can see the complicity that is embedded with each break-up or heartbreak. While a number of people have been blessed to just stand up and pick the pieces up, it is not simply easy for some people, including me.

Many unfortunately resort to suicide while others just have to deal with the pain that it is still causing. People just simply say “Get over it!” but honestly, that is best said than done. In all frankness, its not easy to get over such an experience. While there are friends who say their support, sometimes we just cannot help but express our emotions but judgement has always been a barrier. We just wish to be in an environment where we can just be who we are and express our thoughts openly, not just openly but loudly, expressively and even crazily. People just need their freedom to express multitudes of emotions they want to express like extreme anger, extreme pain, extreme grief and many extremities out there.

Quoting from a site I happened to stumble on, it says that “Chances are, if you’re coming out of a relationship that ended up in a breakup, that you had pre-breakup foresights for which you had subconsciously selected to ignore. There are certain signs that are present in almost every bad relationship, sometimes we do not recognize them until after the relationship is completely over, after the grieving has finally passed, and when we begin to realize that we actually are starting to feel good and in fact, we feel better than ever!” As I can testify myself, for someone to realize this, he must never be alone and receive the company of people who truly feels how he feels and is patient enough to listen to the seemingly endless words of grief, despair or disgust. This is the support group that I want to put up and this is a life’s mission.

My vision is to see this put up and for the broken hearts to find refuge here, not just to feel good about all this but to bring to the center of their recovery He who understands them the most, Jesus Christ and realize that they can just be who they are at His feet. No amount of self-help can ever replace the efficacy of Christ’s healing in the lives of people. This healing is a long process which entails the utmost care. I hope that down the road in this quest to make a difference in this aspect of life’s storms, I may be able to touch the lives of many. My very own problem may just be my very own ministry.


About Mark Mayo - Magallanes

MARK MAYO - MAGALLANES – blogger by passion, cook by hobby, student by life, theater actor by fate, writer by work, and Christian by grace. Part Filipino, Chinese and Spanish by blood, he is proudly 100% Negrénse. His love for his home Island of Negros, heritage and lifestyle has led him to write much about it and full-time, all-time. View all posts by Mark Mayo - Magallanes

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