One Bethany Place

One Bethany Place is located near the national highway where most transit buses from Bacolod to Dumaguete travels through. It’s location offers a good variety of establishments which includes a small tourist attraction of the province’s Sidlakang Negros, the Provincial Hospital strip and the tall Hall of Justice building.

The serene place prides itself as a christian establishment  by promoting a non-smoking and liquor site with an accommodation that strictly prohibits among other things. The place is not too crowded and can be a good place to relax.

On another note, the people seems to be complacent when it comes to offering good customer service. Here’s what I think they should improve on based on my first stay in the place:

1. The confirmation and updated pricing of rooms differ from the website, the fliers available onsite and upon discussion with the receptionist over the phone.


2. The people seems to have a lot of load to take in that a smile when you walk-in but I admire the accommodating restaurant people on board during breakfast but should minimize their personal chit-chats that seems to annoy most of the customers.


3. The room costing to almost P 900.00 seems to be above a traveler’s budget cost versus other accommodations in the downtown area although they offer a couple of amenities like shampoos and soap for two.

4. The people should be quick to recommend stuff and offer help when they notice new people coming in. The receptionist put hold the next person in line while the other person was not doing anything.

5. The wi-fi connection is poor even when your room is near the reception area. It often is unseen or has only a bar for signal strength.

Here’s my take on these stuff:

The management should ensure that their people are customer friendly, willing to lend a hand and quick to serve when needed. They need to update their costing in social media sites and should offer a free and wide-range internet connection, with faster speed.

Lastly, I admire the venture’s idea of a good place or community but needs to offer more than what is placed on their site per se. It is quite different from what has been posted and it fails even the expectations of some people. Also, I would like to suggest to turn on their restaurants inner lights early in the morning since it’s dark and people are already coming in for their breakfast.

So, what’s your take on the place?

Celebrating Sweetness at Tiffany’s Confections

Let’s Celebrate Sweetness at Tiffany’s Confections this Valentines!

Sugar Wanders

Bacolod City, Philippines ~~ It is unusual to find rare Culinary Treasures nowadays especially in a City where everyone seems to love and breathe “Good Food,” But Bacolod City is an Exception when it comes to Sweet Finds!

The Façade of Tiffany’s Confections with its Victorian-Inspired Mini Garden perfect for your small group of friends for an afternoon dose of sweets and coffee.

In a City where Artisan Pâtisseries and Cafés and Exceptional Restaurants abound, some already made Waves and Thunders of Famosity and Accolades not only locally [and in the Philippines in general] but also in the Palates of some of the World’s Most Respected [Anthony Bourdain, anyone?] culinary experts,  who would’ve thought that Bacolod still got a Treasure worthy of a Discovery?

My Personal Favorite Crafted Brewed Coffee by Tiffany’s Confections

In a Pretty [as pretty as She] Victorian-Inspired Garden Café…

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Cocina Juan: Latino Flavors of Maginhawa

When one talks of a place where visual art, good food and young hippy crowds mix harmoniously, no doubt that would be the small village street that has now gained fame bigger, and longer, than itself – Maginhawa Street. Spanning three residential villages, Maginhawa was initially a secret hangout of UP Fine Arts students but eventually, attracted the socialite crowds of Ateneo. As we went around, we discovered the top-rated, “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant called Cocina Juan. Hungry, we decided try them out!

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